Friday, February 17, 2012

Making it complicated ... again.

You know, I was just over at Peppermint Mocha Mama and her 3 day weekend post really made me happy. Just because it was about the sweet and simple. She thought maybe they would go off and have a family event day but then ...
So the three of us will probably be hanging out at home on Monday... one reading in her room, one probably on his computer and me in my chair, covered in yarn.

Doesn't that sound just dreamy?

I keep thinking to myself, "yeah, yeah, keep it simple this weekend."

Meanwhile The Kid has decided to turn 9 on me. Yeah right? How'd that happen? He wants to see his best pal. He's been invited to go to Santa Cruz w/him and another family from Sunday/Monday. But Monday is his REAL birthday.  You know my real mother's day. (I warned you I was a selfish beast). His father says he can go. Which really I love this family, I'm OK with it. (We are having the sleep party next week)

The other kicker though is, before he can go he has to do the Chinatown 5K with his father and me and Auntie Sunday morning. (We didn't let Baby Big Head come this time, because if he got whiney, he'd insist on being carried and that's just not going to happen. Plus, I feel like my sister wouldn't "relax" if he was around. I think for the next one we can bring him, because he will be eager to be on best behavior to participate with the rest of us.)

We will get our T-shirts at the local Y (which is what the run benefits) and have dim sum breakfast while we are there :) Yay for dim sum. It's like 3.1 miles for dim sum ha!

So you see, now I feel like it is complicated, this lovely, lovely 3-day weekend a'comin'. (My ability to overcomplicate matters seriously is like a super power). Maybe it feels complicated because I don't have things nailed down. When people are coming/going. And in the back of my mind I see the white laundry basket and the dirty floor.
Drat. That just doesn't sound like being covered in yarn like Peppermint Mocha!

Oh but it will be.

This weekend is the time to be covered in yarn. I need to make some stockinette inches on a sweater, add a panel to a baby blanket and a few baby chalice repeats to another. I need to weave in the last of those damn handwarmer ends!! I should be able to do this with some copious amounts of tea and a return to PBS Mysteries and maybe slap in some Harry Potter (yes again husband!) or some Two Towers (yes again, my son).

We will all be productive, we will all have fun and we will relax ... damnit.

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  1. I hope you get lots of knitting in this weekend. I'll be spending 14 hours on planes over the next few days. That's 14 hours of knitting!