Sunday, February 12, 2012

My "Old Lady" Moments

* Crappy with options: When I can't tell you what I prefer, because I know I'm capable of ALL three options and therefore should be a good person and let you pick. I might possibly physically wince when you don't choose the option I prefer because apparently I'm kooky like that (For HM, my Mentor on Overcompensating)

*Talking for the sake of being friendly. (For littlesnoopy who must witness my various "Too Much Information" or "What are you talking about?" moments at school drop off.)

*OK, I have my keys, but where are my glasses (or watch, or wallet or lunch or whatever)  (for The Kid who endures this 50% of the mornings we leave for school.

*My feet are always cold. Even when I don't think they are ... they are. Like blocks of ice. Maybe I don't have old lady feet, I have corpse's feet. (For the man-friend which must endure my attempts to warm them by pressing them against him. I am merciless. You can whine, you can cry, Thy warmth shall be mine!)

*Dry skin. It is a mild winter even for the bay area, but I have dry skin. I'm itchy and I'm either coating myself in lotion or itching and very concerned I might be bringing on my own allergic reaction. I may want to discuss my dry skin with you. However I promise if I'm not related to you, I won't request a backscratch.

*Dating yourself. At Zumba our instructor as a "tribute" did the warm-up and cool-down to Whitney Houston. The warm-up was some newer song I'm unfamiliar with. Anyways cool-down was to "You give Good Love" and I turned to another familiar student and said, "Oh my! We're going old school!" and she turns to me and says, "You are old enough to know this song?" I'm thinking she thought I was younger. How sweet!

*Discussing my digestion. I am trying to make sure I drink lots of water and I also like to fuss about my caffeine intake. On the otherhand, I cannot stop eating spicy things and it's citrus season. I am a total hypocrite. Um can you say, Crazy Curry night? Hell I had a crazy curry weekend!

*I really want everyone to be happy, but please do not get in my way if i need to knit, read or bake. But please go ahead and do the dishes.

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