Monday, October 22, 2012

A Weekend of Ribbing

Another weekend where I am at the whim of my 9 year old's social life. But really it was pretty awesome. Saturday was the LEAP sand castle building event. The first one I'd been too, and it was really well organized and lots of fun for everyone.

The kids were hard at work on their organized chaos. The adults from the construction and architecture firms were super kind and hard working with the kids. They even supplied a pizza lunch! Meanwhile, I was able to sneak off with my friend Mrs. B. to explore the food trucks that were there for the grown ups.

We ordered the weinerschnitzel from The Municher, a German food truck. I wish I had photos for you, but I was too busy stuffing face :) We sat on the beach wall and watched out over the ocean and the event below. We watched small children trudge through the sand and I had a lovely chat with a lovely woman.

The beach is not good for knitting on windy days. So the end of one of my Holiday hats stayed in it's project bag.

Fear not, I FO'd it later that evening during another sleepover. I act all put-out that the living room is taken over, but secretly I am tee-heeing in my room with Poirot reruns on and finishing off hats ha!

Tada! The pattern is from Purlbee. It has pleased me greatly. It knit quickly after failing miserably at the Big Rib hat ha!

So that left me Sunday to work on ... stuff. But what stuff? I was so unprepared for the next project I went to swimming lessons without knitting! I know! Catastrophe! I was forced to watch my poor son and another weak swimmer slip and slide over each other every few yards to the wall. It was like watching two otters in a kiddie pool.

So back at the homestead, I needed a project. Yes, I have Aidez on the needles and something must happen with this sweater. I love it so much and have such fear of murdering it. (Story of my life... the running theme paralyzed by fear, no?) So I picked it up and said, I gotta get through the 3" of ribbing for the front sides at least. I am not a speedy knitter, so I must make haste. Goal met. Reasonable progress my friends, reasonable.

Next goal, is to get through 3" of pattern, before I have to figure out how to mirror the right front decreasing to the left. (I realize this may seem obvious to most of you, but I'm not that smart.)

Well, I needed something else ... something new ... so I started some baby knitting pants. (I am not ready to face another round of dog sweater knitting and I actually feel OK with my Work Koffee Klatch Hat knitting progress --> 2 down 3 to go!)

So I did the ribbing for some diaper pants. From my ravelry project page:
It calls for worsted yarn. I thought I was using worsted yarn, but it seems more like DK, so I figured I’d try knitting a size large, because really … who can bother with getting gauge?

And because the needles are tiny and again I reiterate, I am s l o w, I was just shy of finishing the ribbing. Monday evening I managed to and stick in an eyelet row and switch to the larger needles. Alas, the needle part is too long for knitting in the round so I will have to go out and buy a pair of US6 16 inchers. Aww shucks, I have to go to a knitting/yarn store. ;)

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