Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Random

1. I love knitting and I love soccer, but for the love of a sporty knit, what the heck is she knitting? A 1970s hat, roller derby tube top -- I am intrigued? In the related link in the same post, a pretty Gunner supporter has me convinced I will need to knit a two-toned scarf this fall/winter.

2. Summer T.V. - Game of Thrones is done (I thought the season was OK, I'm curious to see where the producers take it. Well, I guess I have 10 mos to find out!) so now what? Has anyone been watching the new season of The Killing? It's very dark, almost too dark for me. Maybe it's that whole teenage kid, missing, marginalized, murdered thing. Are you guys watching anything new? Anything I can get sucked into, with or without knitting?

3. Hah, I am reading! I'm zooming through The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. The lead main character Flavia is so bloody charming I want to reach through the book and give her a big squish. She'd be appalled! It's a mystery and it is absolutely FUN. It's just what I needed. I still can't get through Raising Cain. Parenting books, no matter how helpful or interesting somewhat fill me with dread. I know, I have issues ...

4. We call this a butt peach. When they ring it up at the market it's a "Saturn peach". I have also heard it referred to as a doughnut peach, but I think that's just false advertising. I wish there was fruit that was close enough to a doughnut to be named as such. This one is still a little under-ripe. But that's okay by me. Taste is similar to a white peach. I was talking to Lady H. and honestly we both  prefer the yellow (cling) peach, it may not be as pretty as these farmer market darlings, but there is so much more depth to the flavor. Anyhow, The Kid is a fan, and you know how us parental units like to encourage and indulge the fresh fruit eating. (yes, it is sitting on top of my Mystery KAL yarn)

5. I have a new idea to underwhelm myself in the great life goal of decluttering and maintaining cleanliness and organization. (I dread typing these words, the lazy beast sets herself up to fail once more!) I think I'm going to use what I'm calling "the magic box method". I'm going to take an office supply box. You know, the ones they give you when you play musical cubicles and I'm going to go to one surface space at a time and put stuff in it that doesn't need to be accessed daily. And then I will sort that box. Any item that doesn't go bye bye, must immediately have a home. I know we don't have a very big apartment, but still, we don't need all the stuff that sits out. In keeping with the magic box method, I will then move to small corners, like the two black hole corners in my son's room. Comic books and old lego instructions have been chucked, but what else lingers there?


  1. Ahhh a good sorting plan indeed!!! I love your peach thoughts!

    Im into the one in and one out method ...If i buy new I must trade out old.

  2. hmmm, tv viewing...we're limited as we don't have cable~ we just finished watching the series dexter. tit was just so so

    the "butt" peaches (lol) haven't arrived here yet, but i prefer raggedy, rugged, i forget what they are called as they have much more flavor than the butts

    what kal are you using the yarn for? it's very pretty, love the colorway

    hope you're having a good week!


  3. If you haven't already watched the BBC Sherlock show with Benedict Cumberpatch - I highly recommend it!

  4. I do enjoy organizing. (I know crazy!) However I save too much stuff and it does have homes in closets.