Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Wednesday Whatknot

Firstly, Lollyknits got a gift pattern of  Encyclopaedie. It's actually the shawl I have been backing out working on. But! I think I got it. And Ms. Lolly is a wonderful knitter, as you can see if you visit her site, so I am sure she won't run into the same kind of distracted trouble I have.

No one else put what they wanted in the comments, but bah humbug! I think even with so few, we needed another gift. The random generator gave us 4 which is Kathy B. And I hope she PMs me on ravelry so I can send her a pattern of her choice.

I think it's something about knitters or crafters that gifting feels good. I love the gift of a comment, and reading everyone's blogs. It's some of the best sunshine I get on a regular basis. Thanks Internet!

In the same theme, this month I had a nice *r o u n d* birthday and I feel like we'll all have to celebrate some more. I will figure something out to share with you guys.

Meanwhile my husband took me out to dinner on Saturday without The Kid at Prospect. He's been so fancy lately. Anyhow, it was tasty and fun and we had a great people watching show. We were home in time for yoga pants on couch and a little knitting and a night cap ala T.V. Here are our dishes (we shared small plates and one entree):

Tuna Tartare with black rice cracker

Cucumber, heirloom tomato and feta salad.

Sweetbreads with stonefruit and mushrooms -- roasted and shaved raw.

Stuffed local sand dab with Dungeness crab

Pork Chop with Beans

I have been doing some mental math lately. I've been querying flights to Chicago. I'm thinking about going to Vogue Knitting in November. I'm thinking it would be fun to take a class or two, go to the market and eat walk around Chicago a bit. I might be able to pull it off if I can piggy back a kid sleepover or two. (The Manfriend works Saturdays).

I lied to you and myself, and the variegated yarn I had picked out for  Wendy's Summer Mystery Shawl KAL is too busy, so I will save it for Multnomah instead. It's looking like my KAL is becoming more of a KCU (Knit Catch Up) but that's okay. I get to benefit from all those KALers project notes :) I don't know what I'm going to use for the Mystery Shawl, but I intend to shop from within the stash.


  1. Some very interesting food choices. Were they all good? I really like the idea of the cucumber, feta and tomato with the balsamic reduction. Looks DELICIOUS!

  2. IM a happy winner. THank you so much Ellen for the shawl pattern of my choice. I reread it this morning. Im anxious to cast on, but I have to work the next few days and I want a clear mind.

    So glad you got a quiet dinner together. IN my estimation it is the best thing you can do for your children....

    IF you come to CHICAGO you know IM going to meet you!!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I will have to find just the right yarn for this project :) I'm working on my first ever shawl right now, so I may need a bit more practice before I'm ready for Encyclopaedie!

  4. The food looks so awesome! The place we had gone to was okay. You should treat yourself to Chicago. I went to VKL in LA two years ago and it was so fun to meet other knitters and just be immersed in that atmosphere. Kudos to you on knitting lace. A belated Hau oli 'la Hanau to you!

  5. Shopping from the stash is always nice and it makes room for more yarn when you go to vogue knitting!!