Monday, November 24, 2014

Knitting Care Package

Ooooo. Look what arrived for me in the mail!

It's a knitting care package from someone who knows I care about knitting ...


ha! got ya didn't I? I have things delivered to The Manfriend since I am not allowed package / mail delivery at work. He saw the KnitPicks tape on the box and just sort of sighed when he handed it to me.

So what did I get? Well a lot of sale items. I want to say they are all practical necessary purchases, but it's a bit indulgent as well.  The rectangular card board box in the back is a Christmas present for me to put under the tree. (He doesn't know it yet, but I'm thankful for "his" kindness). And since it's not Christmas, I'm not taking it out of the box just yet, but it's something novel and yet practical at least for me. I'll post a follow-up picture at the end of the year.

I got one "fait avec amour" tag for a project for someone I have some amour for, wink wink, nudge, nudge.

There are some rainbow cable needles, because like stitch markers, they often go missing. I have been known to use a lot of things as cable needles, and I've knit a few things without. Still, I prefer to have a set in my knit tool kit.

One skein of Hawthorne fingering, because it was too hard to not buy yarn while on their website.

And a set of double point needles in some small sizes that seem to constantly disappear.

What you can't see in the front of the box is dpn tubes. I'm really disorganized in the remaining unsnapped dpns I have, and need a way of easily storing the correct sizes together, especially when they are unmarked. Though I'm going to have to trust my needle gauges to suss out the difference between US 1.5 and US2 for a few older knitpicks and other dpns that have their sizes scratched off ...

Then I can really justify having 5 pairs of socks in progress, right?

So tell me, what would you put in your knitting care package to yourself? What's irresistible for you? What is something you actually need?


  1. What a lovely thing. I'd have some nice thick wool for a blanket and something silkier for a scarf. And a fattish crochet hook, mine has vanished, and some circular knitting needles. And maybe some yarn for a cardigan. Oh this is a fun game, I could go on and on! Enjoy your goodies Ellen. CJ xx

  2. I ordered a Della Q needle organizer for myself several years ago and then a Della Q case for my DPNs last year as well as a portable Della Q.

  3. I would put in a new swift, but actually I can get by with the one I have. It just has a broken set of slats. So sometimes it gets sloppy when the yarn is silly.

  4. LOL. Only one knows herself best. I always tell my friends I send Santa's helper a wish list. I'd put in The Sock Knitter's Handbook, a set of 0 DPN's, and enough yarn for a gansey.

  5. I do the same, I pick out what I want and wrap it and tell him it's from him. I would toy with a swift, but I dunno, I've lived without one for quite some time.

  6. I didn know you like fingering........:)
    I LOVE that Mrs Claus is already got a present that is just perfect for you this Chirstmas...
    On my Knit Wish list:

    Yarn. Always yarn. (santa brought me a swift last year and I LOVE it)
    I'm into sport weight lately.

    Our knit shop has a wish list book. Can't remember a thing I Put on it other than Yarn! I think I put that Hat book on it too.

    also: I;m using two different needles on my current project: a metal 6 and a wooden 6. I'd like a new pair of wooden 6 straights in those gorgeous rainbow
    colors or a funky pair with cats on top.. hee hee

  7. Excellent knitting care package! Much deserved.
    What is wrong with having 5 pairs of socks on the needles...absolutely nothing. :)

  8. As I truly believe that our hobbies (for a lack of a better word) keep us happy and healthy, care packages to ourselves is a must! You chose a great selection ... I would have added a new knitting book just to keep the inspiration flowing.

  9. These are the best kinds of care packages!!!! Nothing wrong with giving yourself a little mail order TLC. I find that I like to keep extras of various different length interchangeable cables for my Knit Picks needles because there is nothing like working on a project and the cable pops out of the metal thingie keeping it attached to the needle and then not having another cable to move it to. I have used super glue in these instances, but it doesn't last forever.

  10. Oh, heaven! Nothing makes me happier than that brown box in the mail!

  11. I did recently send myself a care package from Knit Picks, yarn to make the new Westknits Mystery KAL ... its pretty amazing.

  12. Great package! Personally, I can't get enough of knit picks' little purple stitch markers. I have lots of beaded fancy ones, but they tend to get caught in my lace work - those little purple plastic rounds are perfect! If only they didn't get lost so easy!

  13. Love the knitting care package and will have to borrow this idea for Christmas :) I would definitely include yarn & knitting pattern books or magazines in mine. Also more project bags & stitch markers. I could probably add everything on the Fringe Supply Co. website and call it a day!

  14. Listen if you won't treat yourself to knitting fun then no one else will. I would put in loads of yarn and of course another set of interchangable needles.

  15. hehe GREAT idea!! and great care package, full of many good things! I have recently made two yarn purchases... can't wait for them to arrive :) so in my care package to myself, it's all yarn all the time :)