Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Hand Jive

I'll start this off with a pair of finished hand/wrist warmers from last week.

These are the pair I knit up in a Medium, and Ms. J at work really liked them so they are now hers. She's modeling them for me, pleased. :)

Well, I thought I'd have a go at a size small for me. (It's nice to know there is some / one area of me that remains generally small, hehe)

I started with one pink. But then got distracted with some blue I had in a knitting box. So the result is now 2 pairs in progress. I'm okay with it.

The socks are slow going. Maybe some progress for next week Wednesday. I was just wrapping up the toe on Pumpkin sock #1 last night, according to the pattern and realized I'd been doing it wrong. Where I would normally do a knit 1 ssk, knit to end of needle, their style is knit one, slip one, knit one pass slip stitch over. However I read it wrong and was knit one slip one pass slip stitch so now the edges look, loopier? I don't know, but it means frogging back the toe and hoping the knitting gods keep me from dropping stitches. I'm running out of patience with this sock, it's a good thing I am so far along with sock #1 or I'd abandon this thing, for sure.

I have big plans for some other knits -- must return to a hibernating cardigan soon. ALWAYS distracted. Which reminds me, I want to thank everyone for their vacation yarn buying validation. I knew there was a reason we were friends ;) I'm not in a rush to get to that yarn (maybe a shawl, maybe a long roping textured cowl), but it is so pretty and soft. I admit I have not put it away and have been petting it in the living room the past few evenings.

Oh! the store also had this sample for a  Gatsby necklace in teal. My non knitting friend, Lady A really liked it and ... D I S T R A C T E D me.

Have any of you made this before? I know many of you are knitting with beads friendly, and as in awe as I am of you, it scares the jimminy crickets out of my hotpants. But the knit force is strong in this project, I may have to give it a go ...

In the meantime, it's all about the hands.


  1. Great completed mitts as well as in progress mitts!

  2. It's always good to have some yarn waiting in the wings, not to mention projects. LOL Cute mitts, and 2 pair for you no less. Nice work! That necklace looks like fun. I've bought knit jewlery kits from Earthfaire and enjoyed doing them. Good luck!

  3. Love, love, love the mitts. The bright colors make me so happy.
    That necklace is gorgeous. I have done some knitting with beads and it is easier than it looks once you get the hang of it. It's just a bit too fiddly for me but with something as small as that necklace it could be fun.

  4. On the beaded project Ellen... give it a go ! Adding beads to my knitting is something I thought about for 2 seconds then said naw... I'm good. I have to admit though, beads with knitting are beautiful but I'll hold that off for another year or two. You mentioned a hibernating cardigan well I have one as well. In fact it's done except for the buttons and it needs to be blocked. ~~ The mitts are lovely and look like quick projects. I will have to go back a few posts of yours to read more about your Pumpkin socks. Have a Great Day !

  5. Just took a peek. Luv the Gatsby necklace. That would be worth trying out.

  6. I'm going to try making some fingerless mitts as well, the yarn should be winging its way to me as we speak. I like the idea of things having a knit force. It explains so much. Blankets are calling me, and I fear it may be futile to resist. I have started knitting a scarf with The Silk. Love it, love it, thank you again. But three projects at once is clearly insanity. No blanket, no blanket... CJ xx

  7. great fingerless mitts, when I'm done with the holiday knitting I'm knitting myself a pair in fingering.

  8. nothing better than those fingerless mitts!!!! pretty colors, too. :)

  9. That Gatsby necklace is amazing!! OMG> I think my friend Karen made a few awhile back...should I ask her if she has some extra?? Do you really want to make one?

  10. Eventually (I'm fickle, you know that) I think I would like to take a crack at this. It is definitely a lovely gift to be able to give.

  11. I am no bead knitter, but the necklace is a beauty as are your mitts.

  12. Love your mitts. Can't decide which I prefer both colours pop and zing