Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DK Weight Socks

So here is the truth. I like my DK weight socks. I enjoy wearing them. They are toasty.

I know you all hoot and holler about the greatness of a slipper. (And yes, I have slipper appreciation, so don't get me wrong ...)

But I like these "touch of cashmere" socks. They bring comfort like a warm shower after a winter walk. (not a long shower people, storm or no storm, we're still in a drought out here in Cali)

So thank you everyone for your support in convincing me to see my sock vision through. I'm pleased.

And I'm even more pleased that I've got another ball of this stuff tucked away for later. hehe.

I've just reached the gusset on my peppermint socks and bound off on the body piece of my kid cardigan. I'll progress with the socks, but I think I'll rotate a sweater project and get a coffee cozy or two done.

Oh who am I kidding? I don't know what the heck is next.


  1. Cute socks. Cozy is good!

    Hope you've been safe from all the storms in California.

  2. Beautiful! I love my thicker socks to pad around the house in when it gets chilly. I live in my Crocs all year long thanks to my wooly wonders.

  3. Great looking socks! Thick socks are the best for cold wood floors and chilly winters. Too bad I can't reach through the screen and grab these 'cause my bare feet are freezing here in Maryland :)

  4. Oh I see that cashmere element. What fabulous coziness!

  5. So happy to hear that you are continuing on with your sock journey. Love your DK socks. I am more of a sock wearer than slipper wearer as well. :)

  6. Those look great. I'm sure they are so soft and warm. Enjoy them!

  7. Nothing is better than hand knit socks on a cold Winter day. Enjoy!

  8. Ellen

    You sound like me a week ago. I couldn't decide on what to knit from one day to the next! Then I settled in....I do NOT like that unsettled knit feeling one bit.
    Hope you settle soon

  9. If I had those socks I might just give up my slippers.

  10. beautiful socks and I'm happy you are happy!

  11. These socks are quite fabulous! Yay for knitting things you want to knit and wear!