Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Bites

I was determined to do one test bake this weekend and this is my chocolate pound cake from The Joy of Baking.

It is much lighter than I anticipated when hearing the words "pound cake". It wasn't too chocolatey and too sweet, which makes it a great vehicle for ice cream, and whipped cream and fruit :)

I spent a lot of this weekend, "tidying". You know, putting this here, and that, there, making clean "spots" without really feeling clean. There was full family participation at least! It's always nice when everyone puts in an effort.

But one of the weekend highlights. It may not look like much, but it really made me "enjoy".

Thinly sliced mortadella (like tissue paper) from Whole Foods (1/4 lb ran me about $3.40, but yielded a lot more than you would think) on lovely sliced Acme bread and toasted to perfection with a little mild cheddar. If I had been thinking properly and not quite so ravenous, I would've put a baby bit of Dijon mustard and arugula on there.

This with tea was really just a fantastic little weekend moment.

I knit a few rounds on my peppermint socks and FINALLY knit a baby hat in plain blue and am trying to finish the body on a 4T cardigan. I don't know why I'm knitting it now, I've got until February. I guess I started it and I want to see it move forward.

I decided the only specific Holiday gift knitting I'm going to do is coffee cozies.  I'm already feeling beholden by this baby sweater.

Do you ever know you have your knitting priorities mixed up but can't seem to change gears? I have so many things I want to knit, but I can barely keep up with what I already have on the needles! 


  1. I must go raid the fridge.
    YES. My priorities are always mixed up. I can only knit what I want to knit, when I want to knit it. Lots of projects must sit and wait their turn. It's all good because everything does get finished-eventually.

  2. my mind is a jumble of ideas of things to knit all the time. I really need to write them the pound cake and that toasty cheesy bread---YUM!

  3. Ever Ellen? How about almost always!
    Im currently very satisfied with a Trap of many colors .....

    Your bread looks delicious. Mmmmm. I have to bring something to aparty tomorrow night....that may be it!

  4. Knitting project abound at my house. I have a case of startitis!

  5. Yes, I always have lots of things I want to knit, but never enough hours in the day. The cake looks lovely, I'm very fond of things that are good with cream. CJ xx

  6. Every freaking day I feel that way.

  7. Anything chocolate has to be good! I have so many things going on the needles at the moment that it's hard to keep them straight. Someday I'm going to be organized......

  8. I have to be careful with how many things I have on the needles, because I get overwhelmed. In those instances I go through and try to prioritize - what do I really want to finish now? Is there anything that can be finished quickly. Do I still realyl want to knit this? I find I almost always end up frogging a project or two which helps rev the knitting engines, just by lightening the load.

  9. I am glad the weekend didn't bite, but that you had good bites this weekend.

  10. I like how you dress up a dessert. Those additions kick up pound cake a notch. I am overdoing on the holiday knitting. My hands are feeling it and I have two projects to go.

  11. Yikes, we are both overwhelmed with WIPs!
    Your tea looks perfect. I love it when simple food feels extravagant.

  12. That pound cake looks so yummy! Right now I am thinking up designs for the new year and each new one is my "favorite" and I want to work on that RIGHT NOW .... but those xmas mittens really need finishing first, no??