Monday, November 8, 2010

Followin' up

I found my glasses! They were in the pocket of my rain jacket. I was so excited to read the lunch menu on Sunday.

I ordered a new camera battery charger so I stop fretting about where the original one is. If I find it, it can't hurt me to have two the way I operate and organize. crap.

I made the man-friend visit bookshelves with me on Sunday while we went around doing some errands. I think we decided on one and he understands that not all furniture can be managed by shuttling a handcart to the backseat of a child-free car. He was not as impressed with the array bookshelf, but I told him it would be a space saver. I am getting one this week. I want to win back some space.

I finished the Nemesis stole this weekend! It's a little on the short side, but it is still cozy looking. I have no picture because my camera has no battery power! I also finished the golden shawl, which I managed to take a few snaps of, not very good. However I'm hoping I can get a picture of Crazy Soccer Mom wearing it later. The color and sparkle is just right for her. I'm pleased. Though the acrylic blocking thing didn't go as well as I'd like. And of course I was rushed, so I didn't have time to write up nice gift card for her with it. Drat.

I saw a scarf, and I decided that I could come up with my own inspired pattern. I tried to keep it simple and account for the stockinette curled edges (which actually is needed here).  However I think I need to frog it and make it even wider. It's funny, because it's sort of a step-child of Mlouis' "three legged scarf" with a twist. The yarn is a welcome change from what I've been working with so, I feel this desire to keep knitting. though I know it's going to curl too much. I'm wasting time. I need to chuck the prototype and start again. Let it go. I think I might try a 60 st. cast on this time, which makes it feel much more labor intensive than I'd like. However I dont have enough bulky yarn in my stash to mix it up just yet.

I started a the last skein in my stash for The Kid's gigantic camo tent blanket. I made an inch. So over that blanket. It's just hogging up my time with the endlessly wide stockinette. I could be knitting something else At least it keeps me toasty while I'm knitting it.

I can't wait to organize my yarn better ... again.

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