Friday, November 5, 2010

Rinse & Repeat

I am really amazing at making the same mistakes over and over again.

Things happen, I over analyze, or I analyze too late, whatever and I feel shame at not doing something better, and vow to correct these things in the future.

And then. I repeat.
  • I know you are all crying for examples, and I'm here to provide:
  • It seems I have misplaced my camera battery charger ... again.
  • My glasses case is empty. I carry around the case in hopes the case and the glasses are soon reunited, again.
  • It seems I went home to take care of a few items and totally got distracted and visited with my yarn. I love my yarn. But I don't want to be late back at work because of my yarn. Thankfully I wasn't, but it was VERY close. I was distracted, hmm surprised that happened?
  • I couldn't remember which bag I left the car keys in, so I had to dig through all of them. I found it, but still, it's pathetic right? I reason it out, this happens because I only drive once a month, possibly.
These are all pretty mild compared to people mistakes. Because I can blame myself and I can logic for myself and I can get over myself. You can only ask that of other people of your mistakes. You can't expect. Sometimes I wonder if I psyche myself out -- that I am so worried about making mistakes, that in itself ... helps me create them, again. Man-friend calls it self-fulfilling prophesy. Greek, tragic, chockful of wailing togas and stoic choruses.

Self awareness, the ongoing DIY project.

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