Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Turkey Day Deconstruction

These are just a combination of partial realizations and happenings of the last 4.5 days...
  • You know you have a problem when you are lying to your husband about leaving work early and buying your son an undeserved comic book to justify going to the yarnstore.
  • Feel better about self, seeing friend from work sneaking out with her own bag of loot.
  • Feel bad because even though LYS is having an excellent sale you are unable to find the yarn you want for your project and you buy extra recreational yarn that is not on sale.
  • Avoid making eye contact with anyone at Safeway the night before Thanksgiving. Come out alive and sane and with Cranberry Jelly. Gross to some, beloved by all in my family, except for baby big head nephew.
  • Convince yourself that you don't need to bake pies that evening because the day has you spent. Bake pies the next morning along with all other food prep with husband's help on schedule. Commence the happy.
  • Day After Turkey: Decide children get ill to give me high blood pressure and there is not enough tissue in the world for my son's nose. But this is after a playdate with Mr. Sweetheart. The entire house exploded with toys, costumes and goldfish crumbs, later snot rags.
  • Saturday: The Kid wakes me up to tell me he feels much better and he's sure he'll be fine to have his other Bud over to play. I say, let's watch you. Small cough, but nothing frightful, just working it out every now and again. I make him pick up his own snot rags and it is apparent if the child doesn't have some sort of energy outlet my world will explode. So I walk him in the rain to Walgreens (more tissue) and another playdate ensues. This time, it is a much controlled War arrangement with Hot Wheels and specifically built Lego Minifigures. Things go well until it's time to take The Bud home. I let them watch soul sucking t.v. and peeling them away brought out the wrath.
  • At his friend's house we have a nice dinner party with parents of The Bud and another classmate's parents. We talk a bunch, I'm probably the least smart in the group, but they are all very kind and funny telling great stories. It really made you think, I love this non obligatory, easy breezy, social holiday gathering. This is what I think of as ideal when you say Holiday Season.
  • Sunday: I knit for two blissful hours in the morning with cold cup of coffee and Star Wars on the t.v. with The Kid lounging, Man friend goes to farmer's market and returns with yay! not turkey tacos! We lose time and scramble to get out of the house to go to Oakland. Lovely neice birthday, she allows me to channel my inner puppeteer with her hamster puppet and shows off her room and favorite things to me. Boy children don't want to eat, just play video games. My boy child coughs and needs an attitude adjustment.
  • Guess what, it's Monday and I still just want to knit!

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