Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How I could be a better mother: Part 4,671

I will not use shame as a regularly scheduled parenting tool.

I will not do something for The Kid just because I'm feeling too lazy to teach him or discipline him.

I will not swear so much. (Honestly it's weird. It's like since he's turned 9 I've gone PG-13 ... sh*t! one more thing to not be lazy about.)

I will get a tutor for homework before I start talking out of my brown bottom.

I will demand he put in his practice time when he starts playing the flute (which I had no idea he had any interest in playing) even if my ears bleed.

I will work on my gentle methods of extracting personal information so I actually know something about my kid.

I will bring back board game night.

I will de-clutter on a regular basis as an example of not being so attached to stuff. I will teach him to let go.

I will make bake him something homemade tomorrow.

*Note I've deleted probably 10 other items. I was getting a little carried away. Need to save something for the next installment of "How I could be a better mother."

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