Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Links Post and Random Web Observations

I've always got a million ideas. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to do the ones that actually hold in my mind.

Good thing I have this handy dandy blog! It's better than those silly Moleskin mini journals The Colonel lugs around in his pen pocket.

1. Obsessing about lace shawl patterns. Seriously obsessing. I think it's because I have some lovely lace yarn I've been wanting to ... well, lace all summer with still no success. So I give you The Henslowe. I saw it at the Fireflyspun blog. I hadn't visited here before, but isn't it lovely? I reference you to other sites, because I'm still not completely sure of other people's photos protocol, and I'm just not in the mood to be reprimanded. Is it weird part of the reason besides the lovely scottish style that I want to knit this is because of the name? We call The Kid Hen, and I'm feeling some of that ridiculous Mom squish that one gets when it's back to school and you feel old and life is fleeting and passing you by.

All the more reason to knit out some issue eh? The crazy is showing again, I know.

2. The secret stash. I must remember the secret stash when plotting projects. Where is the secret stash you ask? I show you ...

That's my file cabinet at the office. I know. I know no shame. Well why should I have any? That's a Verb for Keeping Warm Tussah Silk AND Madelinetosh. Sheesh. It's a drawer of happy after a bad meeting!

3. I finally signed up for my favorite run of the year. The Bridge to Bridge. It's super beautiful and fun and everyone is nice and charities win. Yay! This fall the event season is ramping up. It should be fun as long as I have the time! Must remember to actually run, jog, walk briskly? in preparation ... zzz boringtown...

4. Lunch ideas. So school is back on, and there are no more breaks from packing lunches. New is welcome, but really this?? Perhaps I am not super granola and crunchy and let my kid have processed foods/sugar every now and again but The Kid eats well, like San Francisco, Restaurant raised well. I mean he may be snooty and snobby in his own way, but this is just ugh. So righteously good for you that I want to vomit. I'm horrible. I know it. Maybe the cheddar crackers would fly but that's about it. And honestly, I don't have the interest to spend time to bake and spit those out, I am fortunate and can afford Annie's cheddar bunnies. But I won't lie, I'm completely willing to reach for the Goldfish with the "extra ingredients".

Ugh. Seriously why do I feel so personally offended by this post? Obviously just nice people offering healthy options. I have such a chip on my shoulder sometimes.

*Littlesnoopy and I believe in the small portions bento box style of lunch. Why do we believe in it? Because it seems that's when we get the most positive feedback as well as food consumed.

5. T-shirt bags!! Might have to dig through one of the Goodwill bags I STILL have not dropped off yet... I have a dragon t-shirt from the Chinatown YMCA 5k I love but never wear ...

So here is another glimpse into the fissures of my brain. Hope you don't have nightmares!

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