Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lessons Learned

My whole idea to knit the left and right front at Aidez, and see if the pattern looked odd a few repeats in ... backfired. I am almost done w/the decreasing and I realize, by transposing the ear of corn pattern, it's making the two fronts look totally different - duh! I mean I write that and it seems so obvious it's going to be different. Anyways, most people won't notice it, but I will. I'm frogging the right side all the way back to the ribbing, and I've frogged the left side just to get rid of some pattern mistakes that I never bothered to notice. It's okay. I feel more comfortable now. I am glad I just decided to take care of it. The problem is I lost a lot of time.

Time I need for holiday knitting. I'm torn. I really just want to take the momentum I've been rolling with on this project and get at least back to where I was. On the other hand, December is just right around the corner. Looking at my last knit related post I realize I didn't even include on the "hopes & dreams holiday list" 2 cowls I bought the sparkly yarn for (Sis and Step Mom).

My mother is sending me yarn and a pattern she wants me to make for her. Apparently she purchased it thinking it was crochet. She said, "It says Easy, so I thought I would be able to do it. But you know, knitting is not really my thing."

Then she says, "I'm putting it in the mail this week. It says Easy, Ellen so if you can't do it, then I don't think you are a very good knitter after all." And then she started laughing as if she just said the best Grampa joke ever.


The yarn came. It's ribbon yarn. I've had to google a video of how to use this stuff. I think it can be done.

I finished hat 4/5 for the Work Koffee Klatch. The problem is I knit where I should purl and purled where I should knit in one section of the hat. (Dark brown yarn and bad eyes. sigh. I am thinking I will put a creative spin on it.) I am not feeling like ripping it out, though I'm comfortable with reknitting the hat in another yarn. How insane is that?

Hat 5 ... I don't think my color combinations for the Christopher is a good idea anymore. I will have to ... go to the yarn store and see if I can find a better match for the gray madelinetosh.

It's never as easy as you think, even if you don't really think it's going to be easy.

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