Friday, November 30, 2012

Rainy Friday Post

The rain has me a bit nostalgic, and a little mopey. I want a hug and maybe my ginormous knitting mug of black tea and milk. I need to get the knitting needles a clacking and maybe The Kid and I would read some more of the latest Lemony Snicket book outloud to justify a movie moment later ...

I could bake something.

Maybe we should make a stew/curry/soup.

Pink Martini at the symphony last night was fabulous. Kappy took me as a holiday treat. It had been so long since I saw her, it was a double treat.

I can't remember the last time I was at Davies Hall for music culture. haha. I might have to go next year if they come back. I will probably buy their holiday album to infuse some holiday spirit. Although right now, I'm having a hard time wanting to listen to them knowing they won't have the full symphony behind them.

Such a brat right?

The Manfriend made delicious crab cakes last night. We had mini Baker of Paris rolls. They are really great. I will have to put them in the bread rotation; good for mini sammies, a dip of nutella, a spread of jam or a little melted cheese on one with a thermos of soup is making my son happy. We have had this thermos since 1st grade, but it is only now he finally has the strength to open it.Sigh.

My friend Rae was relating stories of his friend's 12 year old daughter's interactions. We both sighed. 12 yrs. It's going to happen I know. The kid parked it in the living room with us when we were watching Moonrise Kingdom (PG-13) (He was reading for most of it, and he missed the beginning when he was playing Minecraft.)
Afterwards he said, "I didn't really like your movie. It was kind of weird."
The Manfriend replied, "It was art."

You know The Kid missed most of the movie, but of course he was in the room for the make out scene. And I was making the "should we pause /fast forward face/crazy gestures" to Manfriend (there were puberty references I can't even say it! ack mom!)

Anyways, all I really ended up doing was bringing attention to it, w/my w/my knitting chair physical freak out. Good job Mom! I hate that. And he just looked up, made an embarrassed eww face and went back to reading yet another Rick Riordan book yet again.

I think tomorrow we'll keep it PG with my sister and nephew ;)

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