Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Rain

Oh Axel Rose ... I hope you're finding some laughs in life. I have a sneaking suspicion you have taken not just yourself but everything a tad too seriously for most of your life.

Today is 1 November. To remind us of the new month and the beginning of a Bay Area winter, it began to drizzle during Trick-or-Treating and became enough for an umbrella by the time we got home.

The time for things spooky are done. Tricks have been put to the wayside, but it was just the beginning of treats. Now we will have them decorated in green and gold, bulbs and stars, blue and white and plenty of sparkles. There is something sweet for everyone in the months to come.

The best, is just the cozy. I am looking forward to a few glasses of bubbles with A & Snoopy. Baking cookies and stirring soup with The Kid. Roasting meats and winter veggies with the Dear Manfriend.

And knitting of course!

Two months, for my main holiday knitting. Here are how things are lining up.

3/5 Koffee Klatch Holiday Knitting Hats are done. 2 to go. My plans are to to do a Christopher (maybe without the stripes depending on the time) for one pal, and my old standby bit of quality a Seaman's Cap for the other.

A scarf for mom. She requested this when we visited her for Spring Break in March. She asked for red, said no fancy yarn, but my lovely M-I-L gave me a box of vintage red silk ... and Mom might just have to "settle". I'm thinking about either this waffle pattern or this reversible brioche cable.

I'd like to make my cousin the GAPtastic cowl with some lovely misti chunky grey yarn I have languishing in my stash. However that might get pushed out to New Years.

I'm not a fast knitter, and I would like to finish my sweater and maybe one item for HM's baby before the end of the year. But I think that will be ambitious with what I've listed above -- and I simply must make time for my sweater (that includes error buffering time).

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