Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doing that thing again and other random updates

I've put off posting a bit, or publishing I should say, because I have good intentions. I intend, have intended, am intending to post at least one accompanying photo per post. This may actually work out to one photo every 3 posts, but I think I should keep my goal.

If I'm posting about say, what The Kid is doing to remind me what an inept parent I am, or how The Kid and The Manfriend have already banished me from our newly delivered CB2 couch. I don't necessarily need a photo. I could just talk at you. But here, I borrowed this from CB2.
But when I want to daydream aloud about my knitting. I feel like I should provide a crappy iPhone photo at the very least, for historical and documentation purposes ;)

I am knitting, and I am enjoying my knitting. I am definitely kicking off 2013 with small knits. I went a little crazy at the local yarn store. Crazy in a way that cannot be hidden from the other members of my household as I attempt to organize on and off in the flat.

There are bushels of yarn by my bedside and end table (which is really just a filing cabinet, filled with important papers apparently. I think it should be filled with yarn. However I am not so unsmart to know this will not be a good conversation with my husband.)

The Manfriend/husband has been sucked into the rabbit hole known as The Game of Thrones series, so I think he is more blinded than usual of the amount of yarn multiplying in the bedroom.

I am mainly knitting hats right now. I finished my Downton cowl from luvinthemommyhood. I have completely avoided doing the Jimmy Beans Wool knit along pattern. I think there was some initial anger at my provisional cast on and some frogging. And then I realized I would have to pay attention, when really I just wanted to watch DA without cursing my knitting errors. So, I did.

I'm still knitting and still watching and still doing them together :)

I'm sure I will eventually knit those fingerless mitts from Jimmy Beans Wool, I'll probably watch some reruns while doing it. But for now? I'm sticking to my knit for joy, knit happy motto. I'm enjoying myself and the yarn is getting used.

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