Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too much coffee tirade

Testing application reports has become torturous today. You cannot make me like it. Maybe if I had another week or 2 days even, I might. I always like the idea of it ahead of time when drafting the requirements and specifications, nice little buckets of data to display in right? My whole personality is going into shock over the amount of detail and attention that is required. This is not my first trip to the beach (needing a break from the rodeo, because honestly I've never been to a rodeo) so why I am surprised? Why do I feel like my eyes have been held open with toothpicks?

The positive: It's mainly data set specific and not a lot of math.

Bruised bananas are an on-going battle for me. I don't know why this drives me ... wait for it ... bananas. I can't get a banana to work without it looking like something a hobo scrounged up in the alley of deli.

The positive: I'm eating more raspberries.

When I do application testing at work, I always gain weight. Always.

The positive: I discovered Dakota style chips. Thanks HM for being my enabler!

Maple sandwich cookies and I fell out of love. I never ate more than 1 a day at the most. I felt them going stale, but didn't want to "Depression Eat Them". I gave them away on the file cabinet, and the office is sugary sweet and they are gone.

The positive: All positive. I'm on a maple cookie hiatus.

Managed two days in a row of exercise. The zumba instructors were chockful of energy, I was laughing and smiling. Today my ass hurts. I discovered that there is some kind of muscle that loops from my back side to my inner thighs.

The positive: All positive. I understand this pain. I understand I am older now, I am grateful for exercise and the fact I can feel any validation that my muscles work.

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