Friday, January 4, 2013

Hey how about another hat?

When the barista at the local coffee shop saw me give the work koffee klatch their holiday hats. She said some really nice things about my knitting. (swoon) She also jokingly asked for a hat. I asked her what colors she likes, and she said, she honestly just wore a lot of black.

See my hamster running in his wheel? (that's called my brain working)

She then said her mother has been working on knitting, but struggles with knitting her hats snug enough. I suggested going down a needle size, too nervous to try and explain gauge to a non knitter.

Also, I am horrible about checking my gauge. I just wanna cast on and go. I'm working on breaking this bad habit. I'd make it a resolution, except I know I'd already fail that one.

Long story short, I remembered I had recently frogged papermoon (which now looking at it would be great for a Downton Abbey KAL). I am thinking like AndiGal and really want my projects to be enjoyable and I had lost the zeal for papermoon a long while ago.

But the yarn is this beautiful rich blue. Tosh Vintage in Fathom. So lovely and perfect for our Barista's coloring, and black wardrobe. I wanted something simple but textured that would show off the lovely depth of the yarn.

I knit her up a Miranda hat (this is a Project Stash pattern) I've been carrying around in my notebook FOR-EH-VERR. Fun, and relatively simple, knit and purl! But I did have to back out a few rows when watching an exciting Premiere League soccer match early morning. Diamonds don't lie, and you can't have wonky diamonds.

Yesterday, I was finally able to give it to her, and she graciously allowed a photo.

I missed coffee today and the gang said, she was waiting for me to show me she was wearing it. They took a picture too ha!

*Note to self, forgot to tell her it's wool and not to dry it. cold water wash should be fine. ..

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