Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Annual Pork Chop Dinner

Every year on the eve of my son's birthday, I have a pork chop dinner.

The night I went into labor, I had pork chops for dinner.

I'm nostalgic like that.

8 mos pregnant and I couldn't eat my second chop or any of my chocolate mousse cake. So I took it home. I ate a few bites of my chocolate mousse cake, began to fall asleep watching CSI, so I brushed up and went to bed.

Then I woke up around midnight and went to the bathroom.

That's when I realized I was bleeding. A trip to the hospital via taxi, no bag packed, no birth classes taken, basically still a kid ... 11 hours later I had a baby.

10 years later, I'm still allowed to keep him.

It goes by so fast. I have been particularly squishy with him, sneaking in all the extra kisses I can get. I tease him to get a laugh, I know this is probably not the best parenting practice, but so does he. He said, "Why are you teasing me??" today on the way to school.

I replied, "Why have kids if not for free labor and the ability to tease them for a good laugh? It's a family tradition. My mother teased me and embarrassed me, and see now I am doing it for you, in a much gentler version."

(it's true, my mother used to yell out to the yard, "Hey that's my daughter be nice to her, or I'll get you." or just say silly stuff for a laugh.)

Tonight I tried to detox some of the weekend"tea party" out of my system with some exercise. When I came home my lovely husband made me pork chops, roasted artichoke and potatoes. yay

Lady, can I just have my toast?

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