Sunday, February 10, 2013

Other people's nifty things: Notes for later

Little Snoopy managed to mix up some great peppermint patties here. I was one of the lucky recipients at school drop off to sample. The chocolate: peppermint ratio was perfect! I'd love to try them with the bittersweet LS hint, hint.

Project Stash convinces me to try lots of patterns. Today however it's a scone recipe. I have been mocked that a few batches of my scones could be used as paper weights. I have had some success with yogurt scone recipes, but it's been  an awful long time. Why the heck not? I'll substitute the blue berries with raspberries or blackberries seeing how The Kid is a particular beast when it comes to berries.

Between ProjectStash and My Sister's Knitter I feel like I really ought to try knitting socks.  Speaking of socks, the intro to these socks (LOTR sucker that I am) was so charming I may be nudged, not to mention the design is really pretty. You'd have to knit them in some kind of green colorway. It may be too fancy to start with, but something to aspire to. I could always start with something basic and self-striping!

Cassy at is always churning out fantastic knitted items. I admit to losing some time on her blog for her love of the cardigan (and the baby knits she's doing lately,  have been so cute as well!)  This is the one. However the seaming intimidates me, despite her encouraging and confident tone. Maybe I'll have to see how Aidez turns out.

I admit to not being healthy enough to actually enjoy fruit pies the way I enjoy a cream pie. It is true that as a child I wanted to go to Boston, because that must be where the best Boston Creme Pie is right? (I don't know, I still have not made it to Boston) Is it bad that I desire this pie so much, even with the raw egg? Is it?

I like the day dreaming. However some of these Ellen, are notes for later, as in not never.

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  1. Maybe come Monday you'll have some bittersweet peppermint patties...

    I love that minimalist cardie you linked to. Oh yes.