Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Excellent weekend, but always things that "I meant to do ..."

I did manage some tea cookies. They are kind of a hot mess, but interesting. Toasted Almonds, Nutella and Coffee for the base. (Pioneer Woman adds peanut butter, but The Kid is allergic, so I just left it out.) Easily distracted by the shiny aisles of the local Walgreens, I went with raspberry M&Ms, which The Manfriend claims was a little over-powering.  I did cut them with regular M&Ms, still, he might be right (shh). However,  I'd be willing to try this again, with something maybe more cohesive. Toffee chips perhaps or just classic dark chocolate? TBD. Do not over bake these cookies. As the first batch taught me. They will not forgive you.

Snickerdoodles were made Sunday afternoon, but my co-workers got to those before I thought of taking a picture of them for you. Sorry pants. They were tastier than pretty anyways.

I also managed to keep my child entertained, socialized and engaged in something creative. We went to investigate the Mission in San Rafael, went for a hike with my Dad and nephew in Muir Woods on Sunday. On Saturday we met up with one of his pal's at Mission Science Workshop and he built a marble maze and made a chocolate treat and had just a really good time with his friend and other school mates that showed up.

Don't saw off your hands, you'll need those for things like knitting and typing and dishes!
Okay Sidebar. Look at The Kid's bangs. Long bangs are really his thing right now, and other kids. I am that mother that smacks her forehead and says, "Ugh, fine, find your style, but can you promise me you can see at the same time?" If he walks into the door jam, I get to take him to the barber. 

Alright, enough Mom chatter. Let's get to the stuff I didn't do. I will not write of practical items like, cleaning out the paperwork on my sinking bedroom desk or mailing thank you cards and emailing evites... ugh. 

I didn't seam together the cardigan! Yikes! Don't judge me too harshly friends. Knitting happened! I finished a pair of arm warmers. I almost finished a baby sweater thing for HM that was really fun to knit. I am torn right now, between continuing on the crazy baby knit train or getting back on the Soccer Mom project. Maybe I should just do a shawl? mwahahahaha. 

Next post, janky iPhone knitting photos! 

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