Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knitting for a better tomorrow

So things have been kind of stomach knots and low grade headaches lately. This is my polite way of saying, I've been having a prom sized pity party for last week or so.

I had a few days where I couldn't even lift the needles. I know.

But then I realized, how is not doing the things I love going to make me a better person, or at least tolerable to be around. At least I kept up with my exercise. So after a few drafts of pity party posts, I am returning to knitting.

Positive focus people. Make it happen. We hope people have heart, faith and principle, but if they don't, we're ready to bring our own.

Or at least knit ourselves to some state of sanity and happiness.

Downton Cowl Detail

So I finished Lady A's Downton Cowl. This pattern seriously is a giver. I can't say I'm necessarily done making these.

Lady A is so petite she can wear it like the fashionista, ballerina she is ... as a tube top! ha! I am just happy to hand her a homemade gift, wearable or not. And did I mention, I really enjoy knitting these in Madelinetosh? heh.

Last night, very late on my way to knitting for a better tomorrow I finished Saroyan. There were a few decreasing mistakes, but that's okay. I am hoping they are slight enough not to be noticeable. I guess we'll know, post weave-in and blocking. Stay tuned!

Up next, I need some interim relief. I think I will try a hat and keep my Madelinetosh addiction properly enabled.

After that is some stash busting Color Affection. I just need to remember which 3 I liked best together ...

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