Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap: The exhausted edition

Okay let's start off with this is how my end table by my knitting chair looked this morning when I left for work. My poor husband is probably thinking he'll never have a tidy house between The Kid and myself.

Now what was I up to? Finishing a pink baby hat to match those pink diaper pants you might be able to see under the pile of muck called, "my stuff".

I baked cookies for a bake sale at the summer resource fair (trying to book summer camps). Took The Kid there with one of us his friends, met another friend at Mission Science Workshop again, where they terrified me with their use of the jigsaw. The Kid made this Burning Manesque wood sculpture.

Of course it has a weapon ... of course. The three boys came back to the house to play and eat. (I had a small foreshadowing of the teenage eating years) and then they were shuttled off to play soccer for a few hours.

I, in the meantime made my toes ... "magically delicious". I need some luck. I should probably buy a lotto ticket, and by the stink eye looks of some of the lady at the nail salon, maybe check my sanity for pretending I'm so into St. Patrick's Day. Stink Eye away, they sparkle and they make me laugh.

A little fuzzy and green, ha!
Sunday I woke missing that extra hour. I worked from home for a few hours while watching the FA Cup Manchester United and Chelsea match. Ahh, good stuff, and productive with the work stuff as well!

We wanted to do a little household shopping (Target) and get a snack before visiting my father, so I felt like I was hustling just to get out of the door. I felt like I was running late until I got to my parents.

I saw my sister and my lovely nephew, who is such a personality. I got the biggest, warmest welcome hug. He can be really stubborn, and I give him a hard time about it, but I know that pretty much everyone in our family has this trait, so I am secretly cracking up on the inside. He is still so young, nervous about learning to read with his speech issues. I try to be encouraging, I want him to be a confident (with reason) young man. I miss him just thinking about him.

It was nice to see our two boys running outside in the sunshine.

In the meantime I tried to hand ball some more Madelinetosh for a new project. But I was chatting so much with my sister and step mother it became a hot mess. My father came by and told me I was insane, with a smile. It got done. It was a journey, but it got done :)

Which meant later that night when we watched a Manfriend movie (End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhall et al.) I could cast on for Saroyan. So much fun so far (which is not very far).

End of Watch a mini review: I don't even know what I think of it. I was entertained, but I'm not sure if I should be. Was it a recruitment film for LAPD? It was Blair Witch Style quite a bit, first person shaky-cam. When there was a story line, and not a character study, it took a long time circling back there. A lot of scene dialogue felt like the McDonalds conversation in Pulp Fiction, but went on 5x as long. It was crude, but for some reason, not that offensive. I dunno, it was all over the place like this "mini review".

Daylight Savings Note: I dreamt (is this not a word?) that I was trying to find a place to sleep (away from the bad guys). I woke up feeling like I didn't find it. The work day was especially lengthy.

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