Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Newsflash!: There isn't enough time to do it all



I know many people are smarter than me. I get to benefit from listening to them, reading them, being loved by them, and just being around them. I think they've known this bit of information and tried to explain it to me multiple times.

But as I am me, I am just figuring this out now.

Would that mean my MOS is delusion? Quite possibly.

Well, heck, it's good to be good at something, right?

Let's go to the list shall we? Crack open my pain of a brain.

5:30: Out of office
5:45: Leave for exercise class
7:15: Return from exercise class (yes exercise class, I like structure opposed to "just go run".)

  • Dinner? (if they can make it waiting for me)
  • Read with The Kid (I try to keep one book we continue to read aloud, it exposes him to things he might not pick up on his own, and really, it's something to keep sharing together and discuss while he still will involve me. We are currently reading Artemis Fowl)
  • Block the Downton Cowl for Lady A (Ideally, I'd like to present it to her tomorrow at dinner, but will it dry is the question? Maybe a light block?)
  • Shower
  • Identify summer camps to register for on Sat. rec & park registration opening. (Archery & Tennis as of now)'
  • Finish any correspondence that is not sent out today (birthday cards, St. Patrick's day cards, etc.)
  • Bake dessert for tomorrow's dinner with the girls
  • Knit -- oh I am in the zone right now with Saroyan
10:30: In the bed

Mitigating the risk:There is no way I can get all 8 things done. I have to let go.
  • What is most important? The first half. 
  • Correspondence can be completed during work lunch, it might go out half a day later, but it still should arrive USPS by Sat.
  • Then I will bake. I may have to bake before I shower. Disgusting, but doable. If for some reason, I lose hours, I will purchase ice cream cake from Bi-Rite on the way to the dinner party.
  • Maybe I should be in bed at 11pm and then knit for 30 as a compromise?
  • I still have 2 more days to see if I can identify camps I can send The Kid to with other families. Feasible with email confirmations during the day.
 But there you are. That is my adrenaline junkie. I have to commit to the exercise or I'm a nut job. I wouldn't get anything done otherwise, even with the time. I'd run around fretting. Not pretty.

The exercise of the list makes it feel more manageable. This does not include the parenting checklist, homework, flute practice, spelling word review, Wednesday (what the heck is going on at school) folder or little mundane things like, back up iPhone, yearbook money to the office, drop off donate items to office, work stuff etc. -- I know, boringtown)

I have friends that are so much more organized than me that I'm blown away, I'm absolutely impressed with how compartmentalized, organized, and ... CLEAN they are. I'm beyond envy though (getting older is awesome in this respect) I just try to draw inspiration from other people's success and try to fit it in to my own kitchen sink ways.

Here's to a sense of completion!

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  1. how do you eat that elephant? One bite at a time.
    I'd buy the dessert for sure. not bake it!! But Im a bad baker!