Friday, April 26, 2013

Kid Status: A Mom's love letter.

The Kid is just growing so much, and it freaks me out, a lot. I'm having a total midlife crisis with HM's baby being born and mine just so ... TWEENY. Today as he was running off to morning line-up I said, "Hey, can I have some sugar?" He plodded back towards me all heavy footed and gave me a goat kiss, which is just leaning one's head into the other person's gut or torso area. Sigh. Then he was off.

He started brushing his hair in the morning ...

*what the french toast?

He rolls his eyes like a 15 year old girl that can't go to the mall.

I miss the bright colors of Hot Wheels and Transformers on the living room floor. I miss the sight of endless train tracks looping through all the shared spaces of our mini world. I miss the sounds of action figures battling and imaginary explosions ... exploding! I miss random super balls waiting for me to slip on them in the long hallway, like elementary school booby traps. Okay, I REALLY don't miss that last one.

He's growing up, and for all the times I told him to focus, pay attention, admittedly, to let go of something he didn't play with or use; I am kicking myself for letting his younger self go so fast.

But then, I will see him with his friends making fart jokes and I will be over it ... right? I love who he was. I love who he is. I love him.

I might make this my latest ravelry avatar. Is that too dorky? We're wearing hand knits!


  1. totally make it your avatar!!

    He's a dorable.
    BOys are like boomerangs. they come back and they are even greater at 18 or so......
    He needs to move away a bit....try to enjoy it.

  2. I do watch a ton of documentaries. Have you seen BUCK?? I loved that movie:)

  3. Woah, he brushes his own hair... willingly?! I still dream that he and Y will marry just so you and I can be family. You never know!