Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's on Your ...

Now that I'm reading again, with some consistency, I like to read cakes, tea and dreams even more. She always has a crazy list of books and summaries and just good posts and energy in general. Last visit she had a post titled, "What's on Your ..." that she got from a few other blogs. Read her intro, even that is succinct and spot on. Well, I'm going to warn you, I'm not nearly as organized as she is. But you already knew that!

Here’s what’s on my…
VANITY | No vanity. I can tell you what the top drawer of my dresser is lacking ... surface space. I have moisturizer, BB cream. Costume jewelry, which I don't really seem to wear. There are bead projects my son gave me 6 years ago and a few business cards.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | Laundry, clean surface spaces - make more surface space, put away "pseudo clean clothes" from the morning indecision dressing sessions, dishes. ugh. dishes -- by hand.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Well first there is the mother of food happiness, butter. Then 'tis the usual suspects; milk, cheese, leftovers, blackberries, strawberries, lots of salad (my husband is part rabbit), 1 individual serving of kozy shack pudding and sad, ignored Greek yogurt, oh and more condiments than should be allowed. But this is what happens when a person of Thai heritage shacks up with a person of French heritage. You have to have the Dijon AND the refrigerated curry paste ;)

ITINERARY | The boys are going off to visit my husband's GPs in Phoenix in a few weeks. I will have to figure out how to enjoy the silence, woe is me. As a family we are supposed to go to NYC in August. This is due to the husband's work schedule. I think it's kind of crazy. I've been to NYC in August. Mug city. I can take it, but I hope they can. Also, NYC and no ballet season? Not knitting season? I dunno ;) But I'm game. I can eat my way through 5 days in the big apple NO PROBLEM. And I hear they have lovely museums, ha! I do love the museums there! Goal is London Spring Break 2014.

FANTASY ITINERARY | Cinque Terra, Paris, London - Bath - Manchester (London City Times, Jane Austen Times, Barclays Premiere League Football/Soccer Times), Belgium, Thailand with my family which includes sisters, mother, children, fathers etc. Tropical Vacation anywhere. Drive from Denmark - Germany, and last for this list at the moment, but not of my fantasy trips, Iceland.
PLAYLIST | I have been listening to Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes ballet music helps me be more productive. Though my usual "go to" classical is Leonard Bernstein Nocturne I and II. Otherwise I am pure top 40. I have no musical taste what so ever. I just like a syncopated beat and a catchy chorus.  My kid is snobbier about his music than I am! I would like to say I have no shame about my love of top 40 and hip hop, but I would be lying. I don't really offer up that tidbit about myself at PTA intro night ;)

NIGHTSTAND | Chapstick. Softlips in cherry right now. Vicks because I am constantly stuffed up, Night cream, and a new edition; eye cream, a pen, radio alarm clock, a cheap, tacky lamp, stitch markers and the ever important remote controls. I am one of those fools that watches t.v. in bed.
WORKOUT PLAN | Zumba. This I am shameless about, because I always feel better after I do it. ALWAYS. No matter how crappy my day was or how mad I am or how mad my "roomies" are at me. I find a little joy, and it's exercise. I shoot for 3 times a week it usually shakes out to 2. I like to run events, and try to keep myself on one every month. Living in San Francisco, we walk ... a lot. Even if I can't do anything else or have an exercise walk, I'll try to walk from my son's school to work to get a quick mile in. I tell you people, to stay positive we have to think, "something ... is something." and then we keep going :) I miss swimming.
IPHONE | BBC News, Barclays Football, Fantasy (Barclays) 12/13, Just Wink (this is a GREAT app - you can make cards to people, insert photos from your iPhone and then THEY will send it out for you in the REAL post! Yes it costs money -- about what it costs to buy a card. This is SO worth it.), FIFA 13 (see a soccer/football trend, non?), Yarma, Wooly, Blogger and the last of anything I use Bejeweled and (damn you littlesnoopy!) Candy Crush.

TOP 5 LIST | The family -- even when we drive each other nuts, especially on board game nights, Knitting with sports or a good movie on, duh. The smell of fabric softener or Murphy's Oil Soap - you know, the CLEAN smell, a sense of completion and a sense of doing good. I like a good wholesome girl's night. You know wine and snackies and chatter. Oh! And I like the sound of the baby I can't see next door laughing outside on Sunday mornings. I don't know that kid, but damn, it makes me smile even before I've had a cup of coffee. babies, kittens and puppies. like kryptonite to my cranky pants.

BUCKET LIST | Travel, Be good at something, write a book or a screenplay or even a story, learn another language more sufficiently, I used to be able to get by in French -- but just get by like a toddler. Raise a self sufficient compassionate, smart, considerate human being I can unleash upon this world with a minimal therapy bill.

MIND | I perpetually wish I was knitting when I'm not. That I will bake something when the weather cools down. When will I get a chance to visit my father who is close, but seems so far. Things I need to do and organize for the school. Putting away those damn pseudo clean clothes ...

BLOGROLL | I need to break this into topics, I'll try to be brief and don't judge me for how much time I spend on the Internet ...
Knit/Yarn: Kathy B's Yarn Garden, Knitspiring Odyssey, My Sister's Knitter, Polka Dots & Sparkles (new find!), Project : Stash,
Soccer: KICKRS, The Dirty Tackle
Food Stuff: The Kitchn, Tastespotting, The Pioneer Woman
Celebrity Gossip: (I'm horrible and shameless, I know) Lainey Gossip, Celebitchy

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Dude we are so boring. Our walls are white. We have a few things of minimal interest (our "style" I may have said before is Distracted Graduated Student chic -- which is to say, NOT chic at all.) So I will go with the door jam between the living room and kitchen. It has these mini frames with my son as a tattertot. I like the one where he woke up from nap and is tucking into a slice of watermelon with his stuffed tiger. Sappy, just go with it.

LIQUOR SHELF | Wine. White wine, rose, red wine - usually medium body, low alcohol, French and some Californian. I'm enjoying Spanish right now, but am not shy of  New Zealand white or tasting Italy. Random booze: Framboise (for the sparkling), Bailey's Cream - for XL grown up coffees, Aperol - aperitif.
LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | Bar Agricole for drinks/food, WorldSoccerShop.com (for the kid cause I can't pull it off), Summer Camp - rat bastards it's expensive, but important.

SCREENSAVER | Don’t have one

Sports: SF Giants, MLS SJ Earthquakes, Premiere League - I'll take what I can get, Fox Soccer Report 
Other: Game of Thrones, Elementary, Masterpiece Mysteries - this includes reruns, CSI, CSI NY, Deadliest Catch, I think it just depends, but as you can see, I like TV.

What’s on your…?

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  1. Ha ha ah the Dijon and the refrigerated curry paste...you make me laugh

    Fascinating on YOUR list. Must reread.....
    thank you for the blogroll shout out

    BUcket list: IM getting a hummingbird to my yard this year...!!! I will keep fresh sugar water available at all times in this Chicago season!