Wednesday, May 29, 2013

See's Candy: Nuts & Chews Edition

Today at morning drop-off The Kid's teacher asked me to come by the class after line-up. When I made my way to the classroom after the hallway "rush hour", Mr. S. presented me with a lovely box of chocolates and a card for being one of their room parents this year (Lady A and I always co-room parent whenever we get a class together).

He also used the moment to remind the class, it's important to thank people, which is a little embarrassing, but as a parent, greatly appreciated.

I was jazzed about the card. I truly love the sprawling cursive of elementary students.

I was also jazzed to share the chocolate. HM is a huge fan of the Nuts & Chews box, I was going to regift to her, but she decided I should hold on to it and dole them out to her as needed.

My "sins" are usually committed in salty and crunchy. but, watching my friend tuck in, I had to have one too. And what a lovely dark chocolate, caramel, marshmallowy treat it was!

*Photo issues lately: 1) Need to remove borders, but can't remember how. 2)GUI alignment is not working. 3) The lighting looks better on my phone, even if it's just a phone photo. very interesting. no time to play.

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  1. OH I LOOOVE SEes candies. THEY are sooo good. The last time I had surgery I bought boxes for all my caregivers at the hospital.
    Glad you were sweetly thanked