Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Weekend What: 3 Day Edition

Ah a long weekend. When you don't get away, it's an opportunity to catch up on things to do or rest. If you're lucky enough, you get a little of both.

Weekend's progress:
  • Spent some time with my father and my sister and her family. Everyone loves a BBQ!
  • Spent a date night with Manfriend. Early drinks/dinner and movie on the couch. Early bedtime so life was not rushed the next day. No chores, the house was a mess, but meh. I am really allergic to house cleaning these days. I mean SEVERELY. The only thing I want to tidy are my knitting projects and The kid's dresser drawers. Everything else is overwhelming me, again.
  • Continued to inventory and level classroom libraries, both on Saturday and Monday (where my schedule and the teachers' permitted) at the school. Working on writing up a simple process, so other volunteers are comfortable doing it on their available time.
  • Got cracking on that Baby Sophisticate Cardigan. So funny how hard it was to find time to knit over this weekend. I'm halfway through one sleeve on that cardigan, and that leaves, 1.5 sleeves and the collar. My goal is to have it done Thursday so I can spend Friday evening baking for the end of season soccer BBQ and baby shower on Saturday. Big plans people. I also want to have a semi-decent photo of the sweater for prosperity.
  • Almost finished Death Comes to Pemberly. I'm going to finish Death Comes to Pemberly by Sunday before death comes to me. I'm ready for the new. I wasn't in love with this book. As much as I love the characters from Pride and Prejudice, this just hasn't done it for me. I will explain in greater detail later, since I know my sister will ask me why. (Though she is more of a thriller/suspense than mystery person. And yes, I believe these are different genres.)
A long weekend is a prelude to a short work week, which is also the last week of school. I have a lot of hopes and dreams for the week, both personally and professionally. Here's to a productive week.

*You know, really all I care about is the knitting right? ;)

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