Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Coffee Confessions

From Martha
I buy Girl Scout cookies every year from my friends' daughters. I buy some for the office and some for home. I also buy 2 boxes of thin mints that I break in case of bad day emergencies. I squirrel them in a filing cabinet in my cube. I think I may tear through my supply this year by the end of June.

Sometimes I go to bed "early" just to sit in bed and knit ... until late o'clock. This means my poor husband falls alseep with the light on.

I don't finish all the books I read.

I think I like chocolate milk more than chocolate ice cream, but chocolate pudding is better than both.

I often think I want pancakes, but it's only because I really want maple syrup. Maple syrup and bacon and maybe some pancakes. This combination grosses out The Kid. When he sees me dragging a piece of bacon through a swamp of maple syrup,  I hang my head in shame like golden retriever caught chewing a slipper.

I think Grade B Maple Syrup is the Cinderella of Syrupville. Leave her alone! She tastes just fine! Let the syrup elitists come for me!

I donated a large supply of Red Heart Yarn from my beginner knitting days to the Goodwill. I don't have anything against acrylic yarn, they make items easy to care for which is important for old people and small people, but I still have too much yarn and I want to focus on yarn I know I will use. It does make me feel guilty, because I haven't knit or crocheted a throw for the elderly in a long time.

Often when I take the stairs, I look longingly at the escalator.

I think discipline is for "other people" (not myself).

I think gray tabby cats are the best kind and I'm scared of all white cats (meaning no other colors on them, the ones look like calico cows are just fine) because my grandmother's in Thailand beat me up when I was 6.

I still have never knit a pair of socks, but I have sock yarn.

I have a fear that my teeth are going to fall out. And I have a fear of the dentist. This is not a healthy combination. This fear has come and gone through the years, it's coming right now.

Speaking of fears. Sometimes when I lay awake because I am nervous or have anxiety. I hold my husband's hand in his sleep to comfort myself. Sometimes I stand in my son's open door way to focus on what's good and what is right.

I prefer Coq au Vin made with white wine than red. Good thing The Manfriend makes it so well!

Things always return to food for me. Food may be comfort, but it is not love as Mlouis says, and I must remember to share  both comfort and love.

ps: I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. Mother or not.

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  1. WOW Ellen what a beautifully written post! It rocks. You are not alone!

    I love bacon and syrup. I could breeze by the pancakes any day...unless have never tried.....making pancakes with Jiffy Corn MUffin mix....

    YOu are going to hate me for this.

    (Knitpicks issues were credit card fraud hacking...)