Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Catch-up

This came in the mail earlier this week.

Don't freak out, most of it is for HM (we did a combined order for free shipping). Knitter with a new baby alert! She's going to knit and wash some acrylic baby wear. She said she'll save some scraps for me and I can use them for another acrylic Wonder Blanket.

Me? Back to another Baby Sophisticate Cardigan for another expectant mother. She requested it in Burgundy. The colors aren't exactly what I was expecting... I was planning on hoarding a ball or two for soccer supporter knitting. West Ham and Man City colors for some of my favorite people. However I may have to revisit the West Ham "claret".

Speaking of team support, I need to take a page from Knitspiring Odyssey and whip myself up a Giants Cowl. But I think that will have to wait till next spring... too much to do!

obligatory WIP shot crossing the golden gate bridge

... Including work on some lace. Like many of you said in your comments (thank you so much for your support) lace often takes multiple tries. I am not saying it's going to be all unicorns and rainbows from this point. But look! Progress, it feels so good. I'm a slow knitter but I've stayed up until midnight after The Kid and dishes were put away to work on this thing. I am worried if it will turn out "right". But I'm too far gone to stop or turn back now.

I finished The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie last week. Another triumph. I enjoyed it. I will definitely pick up the next one in the series. Chapter 19 opens in a way that just makes me smile and chuckle inside and out :)

"Not to be too dramatic about it, that night I slept the sleep of the damned. I dreamt of turrets and craggy ledges where the windswept rain blew in from the ocean with the odor of violets."

I finished I am the Messenger while camping at the Russian River this weekend. I really loved this story, but the ending ... I was disappointed. Without giving away anything it essentially took me out of the story, and made me start thinking about the author, and how and why he got this ending. I know it's vague. Let's just say, I would still recommend it, but I was deflated a bit.

We spent 2 nights camping out at the Russian River, a mini get away. Fun, hot and chockful of family. It turned into a mini family reunion with my husband's clan coming out on Sunday for river swimming and a grill meal. We did marinated Thai BBQ chicken wings, Rib-eye shish-kabobs with lots of roasted veggies and campfire potatoes. One sister in law brought watermelon, kid drinks, chips and salsa, the other brought her homemade levain bread and Iron Horse rose sparkling. My mother in law brought pate, cheese and her famous  Pt. Reyes Station Garden Salad (literally from her garden). The kids laughed, swam, argued and scouted for extra sugar. It was a lovely afternoon, but we were exhausted afterwards. My husband fell asleep in front of the fire that evening, and the Kid, couldn't stay up to see the stars. But this is how I finished my book :)

Unfortunately The Kid woke up with another migraine/headache at 5am and after some pacing and puking he had some mint tea finally made it back to sleep at 7 for 2 hour sleep. I am not one that can go back to bed easily -- at this point I was too far gone. At this point, it was me walking down to the river, fussing with the campsite cat,  fire starting, coffee making and tinking some late night tipsy lace errors. (Really what compels me to even pick up small needles in the dark with alcohol? Oh yeah, alcohol. ha!)

After fire roasted sausages and apricots for breakfast, breaking camp and a final swim, we were on the way back home. We stopped in Sebastapol for lunch. I was hoping to go to Yarnitudes on the 116 on the way out. I knew that Balls & Skeins was closed on Monday, but Yarnitudes was closed as well. SAD FACE. Really, they should cut a deal to not be closed on the same day ;) We are always heading up too early on Sundays  or are on the way home either after 5pm on Sunday or Monday afternoon. I will have to find some way to put this on my itinerary ... must support the industry right?

We rushed to put our camping stuff in storage and take showers. When I emerged I found the boys sacked out in front of cable t.v. in t-shirts and shorts. I got to do 2 loads of campfire laundry and wet towels.

And that my friends, is the catch-up.


  1. Sounds ideal other than the poor guy's headache...hmmmm wonder what trips it?

    (no pun intended)

    I loved reading the menu items. MMMMM. WEre there smore s?

    1. Yes, there were s'mores, with nasty natural graham crackers the first night. This meant the second night there were just a lot of chocolate stuffed marshmallows, ha!

      Based on some tracking, the headaches are sometimes related to dehydration and low blood sugar/no eating at the right times. Could've been the heat that day. The pediatrician wants me to up his dairy intake. I'm still trying to find correlations.

  2. lace knitting is fun and rewarding once your brain wraps around it. I try to pick patterns that have straight purling on the wrong side so that would be the non thinking side :) Bummer about the migraine ails. I've never had it but had a dear friend that suffered so. sounds like you had tons of fun!!!

  3. you are too funny. I responded in my post comments to you
    BUT Im ready to help direct your husband for your next anniversary gift!!!

  4. What a fun time you had! Chockful of activity and fresh air. Mahalo for mentioning my Giants Infinity! That pie book sounds interesting. You are doing wonderfully on that lace.