Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What's This?

It's the beginning of a threat.

It is the beginning of a sock. That's right people. I've taken the plunge and decided to take a stab at knitting socks. All the kids are doing it!
"something seems amiss if i don't have a sock in the works"
-- life on coyote hill continues
Apparently socks and lace knitting are the summer to do. It's right up there with watermelon and sparklers and frozen grapes.

The pattern is Basic Ribbed Socks recommended by Andi from My Sister's Knitter. She's the first person to make me waver in my anti-sock knitting ways. Watching the beautiful pairs she produced and her big support of indie yarn and self-striping yarn was inspiring!

The yarn is some random sock yarn Regia (self-striping!) I picked up from the Quiet DA at HM's tea party and yarn swap almost two years ago. It's been languishing in my stash since then.

Watching the internet knit up socks is definitely an influence, but also the portability of a sock is a huge draw. The heat is a deterring me from finishing that stroller blanket. Us, Bay Area folk are not prepared for anything above 72 that lasts longer than say a 6 hr. stretch. We are spoiled and whiny in that way.

I still have my lace on the needles, but some knitting under the influence while camping set that back a bit. Hence casting on of the sock.


  1. ahhhh, that andi does some beautiful work doesn't she~ socks are addicting i tell ya, you'll see...

    happy 4th~


  2. Totally LOL'd at your Bay Area comment because it's so true!
    Good for you on taking the plunge. Spock knitting is fun. Verypink.com has great video tutorials. I learned from her how I was starting to knit backwards in the round.

  3. Ah..how did I miss this post? Thank you for mentioning me Ellen. Love that you have decided to come on over to the dark side. If you have any questions, let me know. But it looks like you are doing brilliant!