Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One for the money, two for the show ...

Okay none of it is for money. It's all for "Getherdone" or if you are tagging your items for Andi's KAL on Ravelry getitdone2013.

I have brought an old lace stole out of hibernation because it's been YEARS since I touched it and I do not want to re-purpose the yarn. I just want it to end. Who uses the word stole anymore? Grannies? I think the rest of us folk say, "wrap" My sister would say it's like a scarf and a shawl had a love-child, but I think it's just a wide scarf. I think it's in a cascade pima cotton. I remember being at the LYS and it was NEXT to sale yarn and it was shiny and soft. I also remember detangling it sitting on the floor of an airport on the way to Phoenix.

This iis a free pattern from Lion Brand, one of my first attempts at lace (2nd at this pattern) and it's when I learned you have to pay attention to yarn overs and count and stuff with lace.

It's not pretty it's provisional -- the provisional cast on for that seamless baby shrug I have prattled on about. Cast I just in time to qualify for the knit along. 

Now that should be the last of my summer projects, but we shall see. Perhaps there will be a third wind for me.

How many things are in progress for you? 


  1. Well, the vest I'll probably never knit.....
    I've lost my enthusiasm for a project rather thrust upon me by a dear well meaning friend.
    I have a pair of socks going now. ANother planned. I may try toe up socks....
    so socks and socks and more socks

  2. I've tried and failed too many times at lace. Not doing it again!!

  3. I keep so many things in progress, I don't even bother to count. I get bored with projects and have to put them away. I do, however, keep one as my "main" project--the one I really want to finish. I'm also working on one square a day in a mitered square blanket made from sock yarn--it'll be a while before I'm finished with that.

  4. I don't knit lace often as it requires the deletion of multi-tasking and the counting of stitches for every row. That is a cool green. It'll be eye catchy once you're done and it's blocked.
    Interesting construction for a baby shrug. Wanna see more of that.
    I have like five WIPs. Eek!

  5. ah, that green is perfect!! Glad you dug it out and are knitting it again.