Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holy - Daze in Motion

Well, here we are, in the thick of it my friends.
The front door to my apartment. It's my yarn wreath.
The Kid put the bow on and had his father hang it up for me. They love me.
I am not feeling as grounded as I like to this time of year. Everything is sort of half-assed done. I keep waiting to check things off my to do list, and it doesn't seem to be happening. This is not just the knitting, for example. We have a tree, the lights are on, but it is STILL not decorated. We have not been home together in the evening for long enough. There have been swimming lessons, soccer try-outs, dinner with friends, exercise.

I spent an hour last night working on a schedule for the next week  and a half. I feel faint.

Don't get me started on the knitting ...

(See my shaking knitting needles here.)

This time of year brings out the attempt to knit like a maniac (a reoccurring theme abound the internet.) which is not working since it feels like we have plans every evening! I have reduced my goals to finishing the cowl for the teacher and a soccer hat for the other soccer coach (I handed the first one off at the tourney last weekend) and 4 coffee sleeves for some friends. Wish me luck.
I'm okay. I'm okay.

I've stopped reading everyone's suggestions for quick knits. In fact I've also stopped reading books completely. I hope to resume the world of literary escapism the weekend before Christmas. See? Even that is scheduled!

I think I'm mopey because I have not had a sufficient amount of caffeine. I stress ate a mini candy cane in front of Personnel reception today ... when I locked myself out (I left my badge at my desk) when I went outside to make a personal call. The receptionists always take pity on me. I like them and their kindly candy canes.

This post finds me working very hard to shake the fog, be decisive, productive and fun and caring to all. But! I will find time to knit, just for the soothing aspect of it. I didn't touch any yarn yesterday. I think it effects my mood. And damn it Kathy, I want some gingerbread now, preferably with a LOT of whipped cream.


  1. Oh yeah ......gotta have whipped cream!! Lots and LOTS of whipped cream.

    The only reason our tree is fully decorated is because Steve was on business in Kentucky and I had my evenings very, very empty. Decorated the tree on night 1. Decorated the family room on night 2. On night 3 I ate my way through half a plate of Christmas cookies. Thankfully he came home BEFORE I finished off the rest of those cookies.

    Hope the rest of the pre-holiday time goes well for you. Happy knitting!

  2. I think I'd settle for the just the whipped cream....straight from the can!!

  3. Okay you are making me laugh, I am feeling the same way and I don't even have a young person with swim lessons ans soccer tryouts. It is this stinking time of year and I am not happy about it. Rush, rush, rush, it is all we do. Take a deep breath, January will be here soon,

  4. obligation knitting is the worse, I'm sending you positive energy that the cowl will be done, wrapped and gifted. And maybe just maybe you can cast on something for yourself in the very near future :)

  5. I think you and I are in the same knitting fog. Just remember it will lift soon! Go get some more caffeine and try to enjoy your knitting. xo

  6. It's okay to give knitting IOUs as gifts or even wrap the project on the needles with a cute IOU attached.

    Breathe, breathe, breathe.

  7. Sorry!!! Stress knitting is awful!~! Yet we keep doing it….
    put on some holiday music and carry one my friend!

  8. Great wreath. I hit Old Navy and destressed some with the gifts I got and the amount I saved. Hang in there.

  9. I get what you're talking about. It's a rough time of year.