Thursday, December 19, 2013

Things that are making me happy.

The title by no means implies I'm unhappy. I'm not.

I am disorganized and a little disappointed in myself because of it. But I refuse to waste energy on beating myself up and feeling sorry for myself. I refuse. I am going to keep working on not just having good cheer, but spreading it. Dadburn it! And I will get that teacher's cowl present done!

Tomorrow I have the day off. I'm going to have breakfast with one of my bezzies and we are going to do a little volunteering at the school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the fall term and calendar year.

The apartment is a wreck. But I feel better after reading about the book stacking situation in other homes. (Though for us, that is only one tiny fraction of our cluttery, messy problem). The Kid and I have resolved to putting the stacks in brown shipping boxes (that had presents in them) and squirreling them in my bedroom until company leaves. We will do a thorough what will be reread vs. what will not during winter break. All books that can be donated to the school classroom libraries will be. Grown-up books will find new homes at used book stores or the Goodwill.

I have a gang of 10 year old boys coming over tomorrow after school to play. There will be loud indoor apartment play. There will be snacks, there will be build your own cookie tins to take home.

There will be a Parent or 3 that stop by for grown-up snacks  while they let their children linger/play. 

I am going home to throw off the exercise shackles to bake some cookies and trudge around in jammie pants with a mug of hot black tea and maybe a glass of red wine ... I'm going to cook, bake, wrap, and knit, and I'm going to love it.

Wishing you all good cheer :)


  1. Sounds like a good plan to me. I have a bad habit of keeping books and have shelves of them, and yes stacks. Why is it in December we want to use what we have and tidy up our places? Have fun baking and partying with the boys and some sprinkling of adults, sounds like fun :)

  2. Actually . . . it all sounds pretty good!

    Have a wonderful time with the kids. The cookie tins sound like a great activity.

  3. Lots going on here, Mama. Most of it sounds fun. I have to tackle our apt here tomorrow.

  4. if you can take off the shackles I can too! I skipped the elliptical today and had some Christmas cookie crack….
    after I gave two gift boxes of it to my favorite vet techs.

  5. Oh yes. It's so hard to part with books sometimes.