Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Love

(Harrigan this one is okay. This one is a "book club" post.)

He bought it for me on release day. Not because I'm that fantastic, but because it's the cheapest day. Still it's love. Maybe he recalls last summer when I abandoned him and his young son to read the damn series in my corner.

Game of Thrones/ GOT to the cool kids. 

I am enjoying seeing the story come to visual life.

Manfriend: I like your show. There's a lot of naked.


We have been going to sleep later so we watched only a bit of the first episode. He told me that I could watch the rest of it when he slept. But I am going to wait till we have some time together. It's not just to watch and enjoy together, but I want to savour it. We do not have the HBO and that means even though season 2 is just about to begin I won't catch it until they release it on dvd ... next year. Also, George has been awfully busy. I see he got my emails ... ;)
“When the first novel came out, no one was waiting for it,” Martin allows. “I wasn’t getting any emails as I now get every day about ‘Where is the next novel?’ and ‘Could you please hurry up?’ and ‘Why are you going to Los Angeles when you should be home working on the novel?’
So who knows when the next book will be. I must enjoy what I have.

Stay healthy George, and stop fussing and give me book 6. You owe me 2 "all day" as we used to say in the bar/restaurants...

oh god I had to look it up: The official cookbook


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