Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

It's that time of year. Spring/3rd Quarter conferences.

The Manfriend said, "Oh you don't have to take off time from work dear if you don't want to. I have the day off. I can go."

I thought about it for a hot minute. I was going.

1) I like to ask hard hitting questions. examples: Does he act like a fool during class? Is he a Mean Girl?

2) I realize that Parent Teacher Conference end with the beginning of (eegads) middle school. Seriously at that point, if the teacher wants to meet with you about the kid 90% of the time, it's not a good thing. (This is how my father found out I flat out refused to read A Christmas Carol in the 7th grade. Don't ask why, I was working on being unnecessarily complicated at a young age) Anyhow, this means I had only 5 PTCs left, including the one my husband was offering to attend solo.

3) After the last report card, if I should withhold playdates and dessert for the next year. I wanted to know if things were not improving why they weren't and what we could do.

Well The Kid has improved tremendously. He's working well with others even not his first choice friends and is sure to do his work first before he acts a fool, so the kid has some priorities. The things he needs to improve upon aren't a surprise. They are things we see him struggle or work harder at during homework review.

But there were two highlights of the parent teacher conference for me:

1) When Mr. A placed a stack of 10 tardy passes in front of us. The Manfriend did that weird swing his head to the side to look at me in the chair for teeny butts, and raise his eye-brows. I said, "Well ... yeah."

"You need taxi money."

What he doesn't completely realize is we ARE taking taxis. Those were some of the days since November we couldn't flag one.

I told The Kid this story. He found it amusing. You see almost every time we are late, it is my fault. I wish that was sarcasm.

We even have a "regular/favorite" taxi driver. I think her name is Sally. She hadn't picked us up in a while and said our last ride, "I figured you two were getting up earlier!"

oh Sally, we have had our moments.

Where was I? Yes! #2

2) Mr. A returned the winter break journal which was an arduous task. It was the optional (but not optional in my house) homework. I finally was allowed to read some of the entries. Mr. A had mentioned the quarter before he needed to work on expanding his ideas and producing details. Well it looks like he took the advice to heart here are a few samples, (I have excluded the misspelling since it's not as cute reading it in print opposed to a picture of his actual writing)
...Then we got breakfast (bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, and oj). When we finished breakfast we went to the store because my mom needed to go bathroom. I didn't go because the men's bathroom stunk and both the urinals were out of order...
...Then Dad told me that I would have to come to his work because he had to try to fix something. We drove on the freeway, then we went on the bay bridge. We got out at his restaurant (which is closed till January 2, 2012). Dad tried to fix it he got super frustrated but in the end he kinda fixed it. Then we went to the super market and I hate the freezer section. ..
  ...When I woke up I shoved my toast in the toaster. I waited one minute, took it out, buttered it, ate it, felt like I was going to choke on it...
 I think the last one is my favorite.

I must find an appropriate spot to hoard this journal.

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