Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is shakin' my bacon

1. Fox Soccer Channel. My wonderful husband has subscribed for us. It includes a bunch of other random sports related channels that we may or may never watch. (Though he is pleased to watch Thursday NFL games again.) Surprisingly reasonable addition to our cable cost. Surprisingly kind, helpful customer service for Comcast. whoa.

2. Game of Thrones dvd is working again. Okay, I know it was the bedroom player on the freakout, but I'm pleased nonetheless. Issues so far?
       I imagined Jaime Lannister to have a head of golden / fair curls -- kind of like Harry Hamlin in the          original Clash of the Titans.
      All of the intimate moments on the show make me squirm. I don't know how I got so prudish in  
      these latest years, but yeah it makes me feel uncomfortable. (Humping. I'm talking about humping)

3. Gourmet Rhapsody. I can pick this up for a few pages and set it down and feel refreshed, even if I'm reading about some total jerk doing or something rather sad. Of course I love the food love. Best thing in the past two days? The housekeeper describing her boss' farts.

4. Knitting Progress on previously stunted projects. I'm halfway through panel 8/10 for the moderne blanket. There is something wonky happening where I twisted the two colors together, I've seen this before. It's from pulling too hard, but I think it's salvageable. I hope it is. The green pima stole is back to not making me crazy for a pattern repeat or two. Ms. J's cowl is almost done. Then I shall have to return to cardigan land, maybe pick up the Chalice Baby Blanket, and maybe ... just maybe get a chance to start a new project like a Christopher hat for the Man Friend. (I really should call him something else. But roommate is so cold non?) I remember earlier this winter Project Stash had knit a bunch of them, and that is where I got the itch. I also really do like Jane Richmond's simple, wearable designs. They seem like patterns my skill-set can handle.

5. Playtex - Objective 1 Shapewear. I'm sorry if I scared you with my DailyMail link. It's not actually a link to the product. I'm not sure if it's available just yet. However the idea of losing inches by wearing underwear -- something that most of us do on a daily basis, is absolutely intriguing. I like things that reduce jiggle without suffocation and digging (thus my true love of compression activewear).

6. Triscuits. They are a happy snack vehicle for me again. Smoked trout spread (homemade when I'm not being LA (lazy *ss) mom, smoked salmon spread (store bought because most of the time I am LA mom), cracked pepper roast turkey, laughing cow cheese, toaster oven tuna melts. Mmm. love me a Triscuit. I realize I should eat the low salt/sodium version but I don't. I'm quite fond of their new flavors, cracked pepper and rosemary. However most of the time, I go OG original.

7. Knitting Blogs. They are sooo distracting. I spend way too much time on them. They are so interesting though, their voices and their projects. I start at My Sister's Knitter and then I like to to click on many of the cool links she has. I really have enjoyed Project Stash (obviously see #4) and Crochet with Raymond. Then I have to go and see what the Yarn Harlot is up to. She's so witty. Between her and AndiGal I'm gonna have to knit a pair of socks before I die. Other favorites are Life on Laffer and Molecular Knitting and Tentenknits (she's local now ... maybe one day I will see her on the MUNI hehe -- not to worry, I won't hassle her). For me this blog has been a practice at expression and sometimes somewhat organized thought. But I'm grateful for any blog that is willing to share. I've gotten a lot of ideas for projects and life perspectives (knitters are really positive!). The big downside? TOO MANY project ideas zooming around in my tiny brain! I'll never be able to knit it all. I will do the best I can and try and cull the ones that have lost their shine (many o' cardigan)

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