Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Quotes: Day Camp & Life Lessons

"Mom, there were THREE people in class that I wanted to partner with. I didn't get any of them."

"Did any of those kids end up paired together?"

"No, none of us."

"Well, perhaps the instructor wants you to make new friends and work with a new team."

"Mom." he says exasperated working his next sentence into a huffing staccato, "They partnered me with a space cadet and a crazy person!!"

(They're probably thinking they got partnered with a snob.)

I got him to talk about the characters and story they came up with, to try and focus on the positive. He seemed to have calmed down a bit, but he did express his disappointment once more.

"Sometimes you have to work with people you don't want to when you're a grown up. It's good practice."


(No kidding. At least they pay me.)

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