Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Was Memorable

If any weekend doesn't start off chockful of zipping around it's surprising. Friday, the 25th was the last day of school (!!Can you believe it??) and I took the day off to make some snacks for The Kid's pals, and to go laze around on the playground and the park afterwards. Saturday was East Bay family fun with my sister and her son. Somehow it turned into a shopping trip with Dad as well.

Who knew a man was so picky about his cargo pants?

Who knew men were often between sizes as well?

Sunday morning was Zumba-free so I packed as quickly as I could and we were off to the Russian River.

May is not exactly a hot month for the river, even in a dry year like we've been having. It has been windy and partly cloudy quite a bit in Northern California. However, we are lucky to usually get at least a few hours of warm and where we were staying was far enough inland we knew it would be warm enough without rain.

We checked in to the Rio Villa just before 3pm (the proprieters are so nice) and the spot was jumping with families and friends that had already spent 2 nights for the three day weekend and were setting up for their last evening on the River. Many of these people come every year. They were really kind.

After we unpacked, the boys headed off to explore and check out the public beach via the private lane and I went to knit in some sunshine.

The place was lovely. Even better, a nice woman came by and said, "Oh I wish I brought my knitting!" (She had a book with her) But like all true knitters, she excused herself and came back with this amazing reddish pink hexagonal summer top! I didn't have my camera with me, otherwise I would've asked to take a picture.

This nice lady "A" was very kind and we sat together and chased the sun, moving from chair to chair as we knit and we discussed our favorite projects.

See our lovely view...

And this is where we were sitting...

This picture shows another nice knitting spot just in the front (remember, I am not very good at the photos)

As people began queueing up the BBQs we made our way into Guerneville and ate at Boon Eat + Drink. Dinner was absolutely tasty pants. I loved the simplicity, but also the lovely use of flavors that balanced and brightened. Yay!

The next morning as everyone packed up to leave, we packed up a picnic lunch and went to rent a canoe at the local public beach. It was windy, but we thought, a few hrs paddle upriver, a little lunch and a few swims, then let the current takes us back.

Well ... the wind was strong, so even the return wasn't as easy as it could've been. Most importantly it was FUN! The Kid wanted to row, so we switched spots on the way down and I had to sit at the bottom of the canoe and occassionally grab the oar to help out Dad. It was awkward, but since I'm short, sitting in the front on the edge of a metal bench was awkward too. Now it was just awkward on the bottom of the boat, with a wet crotch. ugh. ha!

By the time we got back we were ready to turn in the canoe. It was when we went back to our rooms did I realize that I had a 4-hr canoe sunburn. Mom is always the one who is lame about putting on and reapplying. And my burn just shows my girth, where I can't reach ;)

After a shower we had the grounds to ourselves. There were only 3 or 4 other rooms taken. The Manfriend  went to market and we made kabobs (Onion, Mushroom, Tomato, Pepper, Meat). The best thing about them is you don't have to buy a bunch of individual seasonings. Olive oil, one mixed grill seasoning, some paper plates and new skewars which we needed anyways, charcoal and TADA! I highly recommend for a BBQ on the fly or unprepared grilling venue.

This is where we prepped, in the cute little kitchenette area:

Cute no? I had to divide the room up in half. But look! natural light!

Well I will save Tuesday for another post. Technically the Memorial Weekend ends with Monday right?

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