Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Missing Pieces

Today I left the house in a bit of a hurry. The Manfriend was taking The Kid & The Brothers to camp which meant all I had to do was walk my lethargic butt 3 blocks to work.

I left my knitting at home. The kiddie cardigan in lavender.

I thought it's okay. I'm going to lunch with friends. There won't be time to knit.

But maybe there will be.

I felt so lonely.


  1. I had a muni fail twice this morning and ended up taking a cab to couples therapy from work. Yoshi forgot to bring her lunch to camp. I forgot my pen stylus for my graphics tablet. I only got 4 hours of sleep and I was a total crankypants this morning. I'm a little better now. I cried though. Wahh!

    You and I could totally use a drink or two or three or a dozen.

    Squishy hugs!

    1. Yes I am envisioning no bistro glass of wine, but one of those Game of Thrones goblets...

      Are you back in time on Saturday early evening for a motherly libation?