Friday, June 1, 2012

Tuesday Morning in the Woods

Tuesday morning, the boys brought me coffee in bed from the Continental Breakfast in the lobby. Can I just say, I love coffee in bed.

Since I actually picked up during our stay (for a change), it didn't take us long to pack and we were off to Armstrong Woods by 10:15 am. It's just outside of Guerneville and has hikes of different levels. It was sad though, because the campsite is closed indefinitely due to the bad budget :(

There was a school field trip there, and we couldn't help but tease The Kid that we should just let him join them. We had a pretty nice little walk all on our own though.

* I love when your child blocks your body fat. Good job Kid!

What was that?

*He's part thespian on his father's side.

I can tell you we were pretty hungry after our easy little walk. So before we could truly enjoy our tacos in Santa Rosa, we ate all the chips on the table first. No pics of our greed sorry.

We took our time coming back to the city. The boys acted as if we had been gone ages and stuck themselves in front of the t.v. and video games while we did 4 hours of laundry. All too soon back to work with sunburns, and neglected knitting.

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