Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anniversary Eating

We started at Ad Hoc for dinner, had a lovely little early breakfast at our Inn (The Villagio in Yountville) and then lunch at Bistro Jeanty before heading back to the city.

This was a grilled salad with tempura mushrooms, carmelized onions and grilled escarole with a tad bit of fruit and cheese. So wonderful and different than the usual salad course.

Osso Bucco Meat Pies ... with a surprising and savory tasty kick. The "extra" dish at Ad Hoc that evening and absolutely delightful

Somewhat out of focus, but a lovely dish of Stuffed Veal and Grilled Romaine with Bulgar and Turnips and Persimmons.A fantastic plate of fall.

Dessert a simple build your own sundae. Manfriend poured his espresso over. Really, there was just not much room in us. Sharing one would've been more than enough ...

Leisurely Lunch
Duck 2 ways with a frisee salad at Bistro Jeanty. Man friend was very pleased.

My lunch, always an easy order for me. Sole Muniere. Lemons and Capers! Oh My!

That's my Manfriend. Such a good dining companion. He's pretty swell in a lot of ways.

TaDa, 10 years legally bound, celebrated with a little overnight-er and lots of good eating. I think that is the first time we've gotten "out of town". It was the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was a great way to start off being thankful.

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