Friday, December 7, 2012

Hoarding Desires

Military Wool Blankets: In this case a lesson from tragedy. As a kid we always had these in the car, and in the extra linen trunk in our foyer of our childhood home.

Banana Saver: They look more ... nsfw than the banana slicer, but I suffer from that problem where if a banana is over bruised I won't eat it. Let's just say my point of over bruised is illogically under bruised.

Maglite: Back to safety first. Our last one was stolen from our old car. It makes me sad on the inside, but it also terrifies me that one or more loved one could be stranded somewhere in the dark.

Benedryl: Antihistamines are amazing. If you or if you have a child that suffers from various allergies or just bloody awful hayfever. This is the bringer of relief. Sometimes it doesn't come as quickly as you like, but it usually kicks in after a little nap. I have a child's dose in every purse/bag I own.

Okay so obviously I'm having some anxiety as worked out through my Hoarding Desires.

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