Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cardigan Craziness and Permission for More Craziness

The Craftetarians at the work knitting group are lining up Knit-along ideas. We are back on the sweater train. Our Sweater Guru promises good times and lots of support. Well I think her optimism and enthusiasm were a little infectuous because I ended up breaking down and buying the Madelinetosh pattern for Tea Leaves Cardigan.

This naturally led to price-checking Madelinetosh, for not one but two projects. I must be losing my ever yarn lovin' mind.

I've had two or three different sets of crafty friends bring up Stitches West and ask if I plan on going, at least to the Market place. Stitches West is inevitably on Henry's birthday weekend every year. And this year, I just don't have it in me. I need that Saturday to prep. Maybe next year I will take time off and take a class or two too. That crazy talk doesn't fill me with burning, longing, yarn energy. No I shall pass this year, to go another.

However, I feel I have a free pass for a yarn order. You know what I probably would've ended up spending if I actually went. I even went so far to ask what the Man-friend thought. He concurred.

Purr. Yay for Yarn!

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