Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family Visits and The Nook vs. Knitting

A pleasant and productive weekend has ended.

I could really use another day off (don't we all say that every Monday?).

My parents flew back to Hawaii after doting on all of us, especially their grandsons. And right now, my sister and her son are on a plane for Honolulu to visit for a week and half. Sister and I will return with both our boys in May for some crazy Hawaiian shenanigans as well as our Colonel Father's military retirement. Big days, and fun days to come.

With all this family in and out of the house, you'd be surprised I'd have anytime to myself. My family is pretty awesome I must remind myself. I worked the whole week they were here so they would meet up with us in the evenings for dinner and "parlor time". Parlor time is where the men would read and the kids would play and Mom and I would drink wine and half-ass do the dishes.

They would leave around The Kid's bedtime. This would leave me just enough time to tidy up a little more and read or knit.

This weekend the Nook won out big time. Granted the two books I finished A Stranger in Mayfair and I am Number Four are both under 300 pages.

A Stranger in Mayfair was just what I wanted, just what I expected, though a fairly easy "solve" in terms of mystery. Upon this criticism, Man-friend reminded me, that it really is reading Charles Finch's character description and his smooth way to move the plot along that is the enjoyment. Hmm. I suppose so. I thought it could've been more clever, but it would be hard without introducing more characters and I suppose that could derail that pace I am fond of.

I am Number Four proved to be entertaining. I wasn't sure what to expect. Sci-fi, aliens on earth aspect could mean anything. However in terms of Young Adult Science Fiction with a dabble of teenage romance ... I liked The Hunger Games better as an introduction to a series, book set up. On the other hand, I'm grateful that I read the Hunger Games trilogy after all the books are out, because I still want to know "what happens". I'm impatient like that.

Based on a post from Crazy Aunt Purl I also downloaded When We Were Strangers.  Hello!! This is so feel good squishy, that I should pitch the Lifetime channel the screenplay myself. I mean, yeah, trials and tribulations, but for the most part it works you on the goodness of people. I'm not that far deep in and I'm sucked into it like a RomCom with commercials on a sick day. In fact if this thing doesn't let me down, I will send my mother a surprise copy. 

Torture Point for When We Were Strangers: The main character embroiders and knits. Which of course makes me want to knit and embroider. However when you have the Nook in your hand you can't do that.  I will try to make some knitting tracks this week, just as soon as I finish that book ;)

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