Monday, February 21, 2011

Post Party Mortem

The Kid's 8th Birthday Super Extravaganza was great. It really was just a great mix of good people, fun conversation, Sunday afternoon grazing, and children that played really well together. This was despite a late start and me freaking out on everyone severely for a few days prior.

I may have been disgruntled about other items, but the fact that we had an event to host didn't work in any one's favor.

I like to feel WELL prepared. Not prepared. Well prepared. That's it. That's all I'm saying. It was a really good time.

The Kid is basking in the glow of it still.

In an effort to learn moderation (for parents and child alike) we decided that Henry could have a larger party with the party favor and activity (Ninjago figures/spinners) for all his guests and himself, if he agreed to give up his rights to a present from us. The party would be his present from us.

I strayed from this and bought him a pair of expensive rain boots. Partially out of guilt since I knew they were at least one size too small for him and it has been storming. I didn't feel too bad about it since I don't think he really sees this as the equivalent of a REAL birthday present, you know it's far too practical.

His guests gave him wonderful presents which we knew would happen . The food was tasty as Uncle E was kind enough to stick around and help us out with cooking some treats for the families. The Kid and The Man-friend made pineapple mandarin agua fresca, I got together the fruit, veggie and snacks and ran the panini maker. Uncle E fired up chix and waffles for everyone and it was a Lego/Ninjago fun-filled time.

The first hour the kids, just built from the box of Legos The Kid brought from home. (He refused any structure or Mom-invented activities.) Afterwards each kid got to pick a Ninjago from a grab bag in the blind. So it was fair. We didn't leave them in the original containers, b/c we bought 2 starter sets that included two guys and their "stuff" each as well as building pieces for the "arena". (The arena is just a bunch of cross hatched pipe pieces ... totally could make your own better). Jay was the hot ticket item, since you can't really get him without the starter set. Surprisingly The Kid didn't hoard him. So the kids basically played with those until the very end of the party.

We did cake, and presents (against my own desires) and cleaned up easily and sent people off with toothbrushes and candy. hehe.

Home brought great relaxation and easy sleep that night. I was so tired this weekend, I couldn't even knit.

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