Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Initiating Intarsia and other new technical difficulties

So I know all 3 of you have been dying to know how the whole Harry Pooper Potter Pants sweater is going. It's going kinda wonky.

The Kid is somewhere between size Medium and size Large. I went with the larger size. However I modified the length since well, it just felt right.

Ahh, but here is where those modifications begin the domino effect. Just ask Hichu (aka IP, Ice Princess) and Lu.

I finished the back piece.

I started the front piece. I ventured into the tangled land of butterfly bobbins (fun to make!) and block lettered intarsia.

Woe #1 Contrasting color yarn, listed as "worsted weight" and from the same company as Main color is incredibly thinner in comparison.

Woe #2 Despite reading and rereading the excellent instructions in The Stitch N' Bitch sequel, I think that I pulled too hard in my color changes.

Woe #3 I will not discuss tangling and untangling.

Woe #4 I fussed for a while before beginning the block letter Intarsia. I am not sure if I was making sure that the placement of the "H" wasn't just floating out there way too low or if I was just stalling for time before taking my trip to Intarsia land. However now I'm worried I didn't clearly mark where the sleeves/armholes are supposed to go for the back piece, and so I don't really know what I'm doing "centering" the "H" based on the length of the back piece. ... Oh Sigh.

Woe #5 I'm gonna have to get some other people to Math for me so I can see if this is going to be irreparable.

Woe #6 The Kid figured out what it is and has high expectations. Silly little man.

Woe #7 From far away the block lettering looks fine, but the stitches are so loose (due to the thinness of the yarn) that if I don't have to rip it out anyways, I may have to duplicate stitch over it.

I went to bed last night exhausted for multiple reasons. I'm tired. I'm physically tired. I'm going to blame it partly on detangling, partly on the magnificent level of boredom seed stitch can bring a girl. Seriously, they should call it Seed Stitch and Bitch. Climbing into bed, exhausted, but feeling knitting frustrated, knitting unsatisfied ... I cast on 80 stitches and started a baby blanket for Badette. I do think this will knit up faster, like crochet. One row to remember. I wonder if it will be my new favorite blanket pattern or my new seed stitch. TBD.

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