Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I like Post-its. They are gentle reminders of what I need to do. They are transferrable, I can move them from one stack of to do to another. The fact that they are easily moved, makes me feel they list items that I can move off the list as with just as much ease.

Post-its are in my workstation area where there are various stacks of papers that need to be reconciled, reviewed or updated.

Post-its are in my daily planner with some item that I've been wanting to do for a few weeks, but is a low priority, so it advances along with the weeks until it gets done.

There is the Post-it on the outside of my daily planner that reminds me, this needs to be done ... now.

The Post-it in the kitchen that is supposed to be our grocery list shows us as ... hungry.

There are the Knitting Post-its with a few pattern repeats, or the names of projects or objects I want to start. If you could see my Post-it now it would look something like a cardigan festival. I'm pre-ordering yarn. I'm having it shipped away from my man-friend. I'm preparing to hoard yarn.

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